What Will be the best planer for small shop

If you own a small shop and are looking for a planer to help you with your woodworking projects, then the best planer for you is the DEWALT DW735X. This planer is designed to provide you with the power, accuracy, and durability you need to get the job done. It features a three-knife cutterhead, a 15-amp motor, and a depth-of-cut capacity of 6 inches. It also has a four-column carriage lock that ensures the utmost accuracy and precision. Additionally, it has a fan-assisted chip ejection

With so many planer for small shop brands on the market like Shop Fox, it can be tough to know which one is right for you. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

1. Shop Fox W1877 13″ Portable Planer with Spira

Our Rating

  • Motor: 2HP, 120V, single-phase, 15A
  • Maximum stock width: 13 in.
  • Maximum stock thickness: 6 in.
  • Maximum cutting depth: 1/8 in.
  • Cutterhead type: spiral-style with 26 inserts
  • Cutterhead speed: 10,000 RPM
  • Feed rate: 26 FPM
  • Table size with extensions: 13 in. x 33-1/4 in.
  • Dust port size: 4 in. with 2-1/2 in. adapter included
  • Carbide insert size: 14mm x 14mm x 2mm

2. Shop Fox W1812 Planer Moulder with Stand

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  • Item may ship in more than one box and may arrive separately
  • Main motor: 2HP, 220V, single-phase, TEFC, 3450 RPM, Power feed motor: 1/4 HP, 180VDC, 1.5A, Feed speed: 0 – 18 FPM
  • Precision-ground cast iron infeed and outfeed extension wings
  • Dovetailed way for cutterhead housing with precision gib adjustments
  • Variable speed power feed with chain drive power transfer
  • Pedestal-mounted control switch with variable speed control

3. Shop Fox W1876 6″ Benchtop Jointer with Spira

Our Rating

  • Motor: 1-1/2 HP, 120V, Single-Phase, 10A
  • Maximum with of cut: 6 in.
  • Maximum depth of cut: 1/8 in.
  • Cutterhead type: spiral-style with 12 inserts
  • Cutterhead speed: 12,000 RPM
  • Table size: 6-1/4 x 30
  • Dust port size: 2-1/2 in.
  • Dimensions: 30 x 17-1/2 x 13-1/2 in
  • Carbide insert size: 14mm x 14mm x 2mm

4. Shop Fox W1863-15″ 3 HP Planer with Helical C

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  • Helical cutterhead with triple V-belt drive
  • 2-speed chain-driven automatic feed rollers
  • Hardened anti-kickback fingers
  • Precision-ground cast-iron table and extension wings
  • Locking table

5. Shop Fox D3393 Elliptical Jig for W1812 Plane

Our Rating

  • 6-1/2-Inch Maximum Width Capacity
  • Ball Bearing Guides
  • Dovetailed Bearing Block and Base
  • Hardware and Instructions Included
  • The perfect complement to the SHOP FOX W1812 Planer Moulder

Best planer for small shop Buying guide

When shopping for a planer for your small shop, there are a few factors to consider. First, you’ll want to decide whether you’d prefer a portable planer or a stationary one. Portable planers are typically smaller and more lightweight, making them ideal for smaller shops with limited space. Stationary planers are typically larger and more powerful, making them better suited for larger shops.

Next, you’ll want to consider the power and speed of the planer. Look for a planer that has enough power to handle the types of materials you’ll be working with, as well as a speed setting that will allow you to work quickly.

Finally, you’ll want to consider the blade configuration and size. Look for a planer that has a large enough blade to handle the thickness of the material you’ll be working with. You’ll also want to make sure the blades are sharp and can be easily replaced when needed.

Overall, when shopping for a planer for your small shop, be sure to consider the size, power, speed, and blade configuration. With the right planer, you’ll be able to work quickly and efficiently on any project.

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