What is the best oxy acetylene welding kit

Oxy-acetylene welding is one of the most popular and versatile welding processes. It is used for welding metals such as steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, and many more. The oxy-acetylene welding kit is an essential tool for anyone who needs to weld with oxy-acetylene. It includes all of the necessary components and accessories needed to perform a successful weld. With the right knowledge and practice, oxy-acetylene welding can be a valuable skill that can be used to fabricate and repair a variety of metal components.

With so many oxy acetylene welding kit brands on the market like Yescom, RX WELD, Stark USA, Flame Tech, it can be tough to know which one is right for you. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

1. Yescom DOT Portable Weld Torch Tank Kit Twin

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  • [Multifunctional]: This Portable Welding Oxygen/Acetylene Torch Kit comes with oxygen/acetylene regulators, tanks and a brass torch, ideal for steel welding, brazing, cutting, bending and forming in light duty industrial settings such as automobile repairing
  • [Portable Design]: Comes in a convenient, all-in-one portable design for easy storage and transportation, including a handy suitcase with an ergonomic and firm handle for easy carrying
  • [Safety First]: Comes with DOT certification for the gas cylinder, which is made of sturdy and seamless steel in order to avoid heat inflation, ensuring safe usage at all times. Includes square goggles to protect the eyes and expand your field of vision while in use
  • [Durable]: Comes with ST14 steel gas cylinder, copper welding rod, tough brass torch handle for enhanced durability and a long service life
  • [Wide Application]: Perfect for industrial or artistic use by automobile repairmen, air conditioner repairmen, maintenance personnel, home artists, etc. for automotive, air conditioning and refrigerator repair or artistic metal sculpting

2. RX WELD Oxygen & Acetylene Gas Cutting Torch

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  • 【OXY ACETYLENE TORCH KIT】Our Oxygen Acetylene Torch Kit for Welding and Cutting is a 15 piece kit that comes in a heavy-duty plastic blow-molded case for easy storage and transportation; Whether you are an amateur metalworker or a seasoned professional, this gas welding torch kit is easy to use and allows you to cut, weld, braze, and solder with precision and efficiency
  • 【Outstanding Performance】The oxygen & acetylene welding kit enables you to cut up to 6” and weld or braze up to 1/2” with appropriate tips. Full 2 1/2” diam high capacity oxygen and acetylene regulators provide optimal performance. Acetylene Tank Connector: CGA-510 Fits all Acetylene Cylinders EXCEPT Sizes MC and B;Oxygen Tank Connector: CGA-540 Fits all American Oxygen Cylinders.
  • 【EASY TO USE】 To use this torch, attach the appropriate tip for your project, connect the oxygen and gas tank to the torch handle, and set the PSI to the necessary positions; Once you have ignited and adjusted to a neutral flame, move the flame to the metal and push the valve handle slowly; Move the torch tip slowly along the line of your cut until the metal has fully parted
  • 【Complete Accessories】The portable oxy brazing welder features with hoses,welding and cutting torches,goggles,tip cleaners and spark lighter.There is a heavy duty molded storage case packing a spanner for easy carrying and transport.
  • 【BUILT TO LAST】Constructed of heavy-duty metal parts, this welding torch set is ideal for first-time metal workers; This brazing kit is designed with copper tips and brass fittings for strength, durability, longevity, and precision; The plastic blow molded case provides safe storage for this portable torch kit

3. Professional Portable Oxygen Acetylene Oxy We

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  • General Maintenance Work – Extremely Popular General Maintenance Work, Automotive Repair, Metal Sculpture, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration etc.
  • Ideal Use – For iron or steel welding, braze-welding, plus brazing, cutting, bending & forming.
  • Waterproof Storage Compartment – Carrier is made of tough, lightweight polypropylene; Waterproof storage compartment.
  • Regulator Type – Rear entry regulators for better balance on the small cylinders Oxygen Regulator Type: (CGA540) Acetylene regulator Type: (CGA200).
  • Complete Set – Compatible gas-welding accessory kit includes a 20cu. ft oxygen tank and 10cu. ft acetylene tank with regulators, along with full brass torch assembly.

4. Stark USA 55147 Oxygen Acetylene Welder Tool

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  • Precision welding, cutting, brazing, soldering, hand facing and more! It’ll cut up to 6″ and weld or braze up to 1/2″ with appropriate tips.Perfect for an Amateur Metalworker or a Seasoned Professional
  • Various kinds using oxygen and gas fuel for portable welding, rivet cutting, soldering, brazing, hard-facing and metal heating process
  • Deluxe single stage regulators with reverse flow check valves, brass torch handle and brass valve body for maximum strength and durability. Precision torch handle with dual check valves, cutting attachment and cutting tip (size No. 0)
  • A complete set includes a torch handle, oxygen regulator and acetylene regulator
  • Victor-style welding kit includes multiple nozzles, hoses and fittings for all purpose welding, soldering, and other applications

5. Flame Tech Portable Torch Kit, Compatible wit

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  • Regulators: Flame Tech FTPTK-18 Portable Torch Kit includes light-duty acetylene and oxygen regulators with an outlet and inlet connection, displays for delivery pressure and cylinder pressure, and a pressure adjusting screw
  • Medium-Duty Torch Handle: The oxygen control valve, fuel control valve, and other crucial parts attached to the medium-duty torch handle enable smooth cutting and welding operations. The oxy-acetylene torch kit does not include cylinders
  • Cutting Attachment: The medium-duty cutting attachment with our welding kit has a high-pressure cutting oxygen lever. The cutting tip has the capability to cut up to ½” of any material
  • Welding Nozzle with Mixer: The welding nozzle with mixer can weld up to 3/16”. The welding torch kit can be used for mechanical works like gas cutting, flame cutting, braze welding, and so on. The kit is compatible with Victor Products
  • T-Grade Hose: The 12.5 ft 3/16” twin “T” grade hose with CGA “B” fitting efficiently aids the entire gas torch kit in general maintenance work, metal sculpture, automotive repair, refrigeration, air conditioning work, and so on

Best oxy acetylene welding kit Buying guide

When shopping for an oxy acetylene welding kit, look for one that is made with high quality materials and is UL listed. Consider the size and weight of the kit, as well as its compatibility with your existing equipment. The kit should include all the components necessary for oxy-acetylene welding, such as a welding torch, hoses, regulators, and tips. Make sure that the kit includes safety equipment, such as safety glasses, gloves, and a welding jacket. Additionally, look for a kit that includes instructions and a warranty. Finally, make sure to purchase the kit from a reputable supplier.

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