What are the best gas for stainless mig welding

Gas for stainless steel Mig welding is an important part of the welding process as it helps to protect the weld from contamination and oxidation. The best gas for stainless MIG welding is a mix of 90% Argon and 10% Carbon Dioxide, which is also known as C-25. This gas provides a higher level of protection due to the higher content of argon and its ability to prevent oxidation. It also helps to produce a better penetration and weld puddle control.

With so many gas for stainless mig welding brands on the market like VIVOHOME, SereneLife, bestarc, AZZUNO, TOOLIOM, it can be tough to know which one is right for you. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

1. VIVOHOME MIG Welder 130 Flux Core Wire Automa

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  • NO REACTION WELDER – With convenient flux-cored wire to self-release metal inert gas while welding, this welding machine prevents oxidation of the welded part; A great choice for home repairs and hobby projects on light gauge steel
  • WELDING PROCESS – This welding machine is particularly well-suited for projects of mild steel and stainless steel; It delivers a professional finish for any thin steel welding or auto body work you may need, being powerful and efficient
  • ADJUSTABLE WELDING SPEED – The VIVOHOME MIG Welder features 4x current flow settings; Adjust the current and 10-speed variable feed controls for perfectly managed flux-cored welding of thin steel, stainless or aluminum sheet metal, or even thicker steel
  • PORTABLE DESIGN – Lightweight and compact design, with a comfortable hand grip that makes it easy to carry wherever you want; It only weighs 34.6 lbs., so you can effortlessly take it as far as you can
  • ACCESSORIES INCLUDED – The VIVOHOME MIG Welder package includes all the accessories you need to weld like a pro: 1x 6.6’ welding gun with on/off safety control; 1x 4.9’ grounding clamp; 1x welding helmet; 1x wire welding brush; 1 x 0.03″ (0.8mm) Flux core wire; and several other small accessories

2. SereneLife MIG Welder Flux Core Welding Machi

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  • 130 AMP MIG STYLE WELDER: Mig welder is easier for beginners than tig or stick style welders. Includes welding gun, ground wire clip (1.6m), Included accessories, cleaning brush, protective mask, 110v adapter
  • GAS OR FLUX CORE: Digital MIG Welding Machine uses 0.6-0.8mm flux-cored wire. Can also be used with gas setup
  • FULL BRIDGE CIRCUIT: Full bridge circuit provides professional level stability. Make sure to avoid models with only half bridge circuits. 60% rated duty cycle allows you to weld for six minutes then rest for four minutes
  • DUAL VOLTAGE 110V/220V: MIG welder includes 220v plug and 110v adapter, machine features up to output that allows you to weld steel up to 0.08” plate steel. Supports, wire feeder 24V w/ 0.7KVA/1.8KVA maximum and minimum power
  • ADJUSTABLE SPEED WIRE FEED: Adjust up to 6.7m per minute, dial in the perfect weld. Test data supports stable performance & output voltage. Automatically adjust the inverter pulse width through closed-loop control to ensure output stability

3. Welding Kit, Folding Pentagon Ball Hexahedron

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  • High strength, high wear resistance and durability
  • Standard pentagonal welding plate can create DIY welding by itself, or challenge welding it into a spherical shape
  • Welding coupons are helpful for professionals and beginners to practice, and long-term practice is very helpful for improving welding technology
  • This product is stainless steel welding coupon, including 12 pieces
  • Suitable for construction engineering, machinery manufacturing, garden iron, auto parts, DIY exercises, etc.

4. AZZUNO 200A MIG Welder,110V/220V Dual Voltage

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  • 4 in 1 Welding Machine:This is a multifunctional welding machine,suitable for MMA, Lift TIG, flux MIG, gas MIG,4 welding modes for you to choose.
  • Synergic Control: Adjusting the amperage or choosing different wire thicknesses,the voltage and wire feeding speed will automatically change.Even a beginner can easily use it.
  • Gas/Gasless Welding: You can choose Flux Core Wire(Gasless) or Solid Wire(Gas). This Welder Can handle 2 lb and 10 lb rolls of wire 0.8mm~1.0mm Flux Core Wire/Solid Wire, MAX Welding Thickness 4.5mm.
  • Lift TIG/ARC Welding: Lift TIG available,TIG Torch fits WP17V, not included in the package.TIG Welding thickness 0.5MM-3MM, Suitable for thin work-pieces such as stainless steel, alloy steel, carbon steel etc.Arc Welding fits rods E7018, E6013.
  • Powerful And Safe Machine:This 200A Welding machine can weld mild up to 4.0mm plate,equipped with overload and overheating system,feel free to use,it’s very safe.

5. TOOLIOM 200M MIG Welder 3 in 1 Flux MIG/Solid

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  • Synergic Control: The welding parameter is built-in with precise data. It will choose the voltage, amperage and feeding speed that is needed based on welder data, making it much easier for new welders.
  • Multi-functions in one machine: Suitable for MMA, Lift TIG, flux MIG, gas MIG
  • Powerful Machine: Up to 200A output current that can weld mild up to 5/32 inch (4.0mm) plate.
  • Big enough to apply to 2 and 10 pounds rolls of wire. Ready to feed .030″(0.8mm) with solid core wire, and .035″ (0.9mm)with flux core wire.Can Handle E7018 basic electrode.
  • Dual voltage input design: Welding machine can be plugged into 110(120)V / 220(230)V dual voltage (Automatic fitting).

Best gas for stainless mig welding Buying guide

When selecting the best gas for stainless MIG welding, it is important to consider the type of stainless steel being welded, the thickness of the metal, the welding position, and the welding current. Stainless steel typically requires a shielding gas mixture of argon and carbon dioxide, such as a 90/10 or 80/20 mix. The shielding gas should be chosen based on the desired weld quality and the thickness of the metal being welded; thicker metals may require higher percentages of argon in the shielding gas mix. Additionally, welding in the flat or horizontal position may require a higher percentage of carbon dioxide in the mix. Finally, higher welding currents may require a higher percentage of argon in the mix. The best gas for stainless MIG welding will depend on the specific application, but in general, an argon-carbon dioxide mix is the best choice.

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