WEN 6307 Variable Speed Detailing File Sander Review

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Short Overview

Short Overview

With variable speed & decent power, wen 6307 mini belt sander definitely got the sanding capability on pretty much rough surfaces. Smoothing tight corners or contours can be done efficiently. Worth the price!


Editors Pros & Cons

  • Budget-Friendly
  • Lightweight
  • Easy-to-change belts
  • Variable speed
  • Gets a little hot
  • Becomes noisy as time goes by


When working on big projects, we often need to do small sanding jobs like sanding tight spaces or shaping small edges. The typical sander can do the job, but these kinds of sanding need a sander that provides more precision.

Small sanders like a mini belt sander, palm sander, file sanders are great when it comes to sanding small areas.

When it comes to detail sanding,  Belt sanders can be used for a decent outcome, but detail file sanders are specifically made for small projects. Ideal to use for detail sanding jobs on a small portion of big projects. 

Wen ½ by 18 belt sander is one of those precise sanders made for detail sanding. We all know about WEN’s popularity in the power tools world. WEN 6307 is one of their top-rated file sanders. Let’s look into the details to know if it is the one you are looking for.


Wen 6307 File Sander Review


Power matters the most in a sander. Proper smoothing needs a powerful sander. The 2 amp motor is powerful enough for the works it usually does. The power it holds is a pretty decent power for a file sander. 

Adjustable Variable Speed

With the variable speed dial, the speed can be adjusted between 1080 to 1800 fpm. This Light duty sander generates enough power for smooth sanding jobs. The speed controller at the back does all the speed adjustments. You just have to rotate it up & down.

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Auto-tracking Belt System

The belt can be installed easily with the auto-tracking belt system.  It saves a lot of time as well as a lot of hard work. While in a project, the belt may need to be changed several times. So this feature is really a time saver.

Versatile Design

The sander is designed is in a way it can be used in tight spaces or weird angles. The compact body enables this sander to fit into those tight spaces & do its job perfectly. The simple design makes this one an easy-to-use tool.

To minimize the cleaning, a dust port is attached to the sander. You can hook up a dust collection system of your choice & make the dust collection more efficient.

Rotating Pivot

The range of motion of this sander is 55 degrees. Pivot the belt upto 55 degrees to meet any of your work needs. It can be rotated & locked at any angle. It can reach those places & angles that an angle grinder can’t reach.

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Great Value

Getting a sander worth the money is the only thing we want. Nobody wants to spend their bucks in vain. This sander comes at a very affordable price. Being so cost-effective even after having all these amazing features is something to cherish for. 


We know file sanders are very lightweight which makes it easy to carry them even for a long time without any hassle. This little tool is really easy to carry. It weighs around 2.4 pounds. 

Easy Belt Changing

Changing belts can be done in seconds in this one. By pushing the sanding pad inside you can remove the belts. After inserting the belt just press the switch on the downside of the sanding pad & the belt will adjust automatically. The belt changing process is tool-free, which makes the process easy & quick.

Sanding Belts

This sander also includes 3 abrasive sanding belts: one 80 grit, one 120 grit, one 320. The size of the belt is 1/2 by 18.  The belts that come along with the sander have got mixed reviews from the users. Many found the belt not up to the mark. But in our opinion, it does pretty much a decent job.


Final Thought

The finest details of the workpiece need to be sand with a sander that is precise & accurate in the smallest of sanding jobs. The WEN 6307 is a perfect tool to go for if you are looking for an outstanding performer on a small budget. Highly recommended!

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