Ultimate Guide to The best all around tungsten for tig welding

Tungsten is an essential part of the TIG welding process, and for the best all-around performance, you’ll want to choose a tungsten with a high level of purity and a hardness that suits the application. Tungsten’s properties make it ideal for welding aluminum, stainless steel, and other metals with a TIG welder. The best all-around tungsten for TIG welding is typically a 2% thoriated tungsten, as it has a high level of purity, an ideal hardness, and good electrical conductivity.

With so many all around tungsten for tig welding brands on the market like 3mirrors, DIDUEMEN, King Will, WIILDIS, it can be tough to know which one is right for you. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

1. 3mirrors ALUMINUM Tungsten Electrode Sharpene

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  • Fits most all Rotary Tools with a 3/4-12 thread including Black and Decker, Milwaukee, Bosch Dremel and More! (***Package No Rotary Tool/No Drill Included).
  • This tool will grind 2 sizes tungsten, 2 angles tips for each size. 4 types holes 1/16″ (1.6mm) 15°, 1/16″ (1.6mm) 20°, 3/32″ (2.4mm) 15°, 3/32″ (2.4mm) 20°. 15° is 30° when the ground on tips, 20° is 40°. Each type has 3 holes that will grind different circles on diamond wheels, which will reduce diamond wheels consumption by 2 times.
  • The main body is very light and convenient, only 87g. But very strong and precise. All holes are stationary, so we can set an offset compensation for each size hole to make sure all tungsten’s tip center is on the grinding center point, this offset can ensure that the lines on the tip of the tungsten electrode are as straight as possible. If the hole position is variable, offset compensation cannot be set.
  • The tungsten sharpening tool also has tungsten cut-off port processing. After the tungsten you are using is worn or contaminated, you can use the cut-off port for cutting so that you can use it again. All holes are designed at the same height for the diamond wheel. Needn’t set the height again and again. Very easy to install and use. Save your ready time for welding, Welders deserve it!
  • This tool is essential for real professionals. We know welders, so we know what they need. Product made of Upgrade aluminum alloy material, CNC finishing more Durable, there will be no trouble of high temperature melting. Please note that the 3mirrors Brand is the Original Design. The appearance can be imitated but the core data cannot. For your convenience, please avoid purchasing piracy. Any questions, contact us for professional help!

2. DIDUEMEN Handheld Without Debugging Tungsten

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  • Caution: When using this tool, please wear a mask and other protective gear.
  • Miniaturization and High Performance:This tungsten sharpening grinder is a hand-held tool. It is small enough to fit on the TIG table, saving the user from running between bench mills. Grinding efficiently and quickly saves time. The accurate processing angle of tungsten steel can make the user’s welding work handy.
  • Simple and Convenient Operation: Unlike the single-head configuration, this tungsten grinding machine does not require installation and debugging. Even a novice can easily use it to grind the perfect angle. Replacing the grinding wheel is also simple. The professionally designed mandrel makes the installation height of the grinding wheel consistent and stabilizes the angle of the tungsten steel rod.
  • 4 Size Brass Tungsten Guide Rails and Four-angle Screw Holes: The tool has four copper tungsten guide rails: 0 / 40 inch, 1 / 16 inch, 3 / 32 inch and 1 / 8 inch (1 mm, 1.6 mm, 2.4 mm, 3.2 mm) and four corner holes for use: 10 °, 15 °, 20 °, 22.5 °. This configuration can better reduce the angle deviation of grinding tungsten needles, and can precisely control the required angle of the tip of the tungsten needle.
  • Cut-off grooves and rotary tools: Tungsten sharpening tools have tungsten cut-off grooves. When the tip of the tungsten steel needle is so worn that regrinding does not solve the problem, you can use a tungsten cut-off port to cut off the damaged part and regrind. Remove the sharpening guide attacment and scre the collar cap, this grinder can be used as a regular rotary tool.
  • Abundant Accessories: 9*double sided grind wheels, 1* grinding guide attachment, 4* copper screw holes, 3* CNC Mandrels, 1*collar cap, 1*electric grinder, 1*wrench, 1* storage box, 1* User Manual.

3. 3mirrors ALUMINUM Tungsten Electrode Sharpene

41EG8GzMv0L. SL500

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  • This is one of our most popular Tungsten Electrode Sharpener controllers, for TIG Welding and grinding 4 types size tungsten needles, choose it if you are the first time to use. The Tungsten grinder body is upgraded aluminum alloy material, and professional 3D CNC finishing, Durable with no trouble with high-temperature melting. The Brass Guides and Mandrels are also CNC machined with higher accuracy and will be more durable. The new mandrel swing less when grinding, Easy Application.
  • The grinder head fits almost all Rotary Tools with a 3/4-12 thread including Black and Decker, Milwaukee, Bosch Dremel and More! (Package No Rotary Tools Included). The tool is Light and portable, simple and quick, it takes less than 30s to sharpen a tungsten needle w/ a perfect angle tip, more convenient than those cumbersome grinding machines on your tig desktop. Help you improve efficiency.
  • The Tungsten Electrode Sharpener comes with 4 Brass Tungsten Guide Screws: 040″, 1/16″, 3/32″ and 1/8″ (1mm, 1.6mm, 2.4mm, 3.2mm). The guides ensure concentricity and multi-offset. Increase the utilization of the grinding wheels. When grinding, the position of the copper screw can be exchanged to obtain your desired angles of the tungsten needle. The kit extras come with 1 small storage bag(To prevent scratches and wear), 5x 25mm Double-Sided Grind Wheels, and 2 CNC Mandrels(Service longer).
  • A tungsten grinding tool has 4 angled holes. 22.5°, 20°, 15° and 10° (45°, 40°, 30°, 20° Tips Angle respectively). Precise control support grinds more perfectly tungsten angle tips. All holes are designed to touch the same height as the diamond wheel, no need to set repeatedly. The open design allows the grinding wheel to be easily installed and aligned. The sharpening tool also has tungsten cut-off port processing, which can cut the used balled electrodes for re-insert and grinding.
  • Wearing a mask and other protective gear is recommended unless you are grinding in a full-sealed space. We are the original brand and have been working on this tool for many years, knowing what our users want and constantly improving it. Please note that the 3mirrors Brand is the Original Design. The appearance can be imitated but the core data and the exact angles cannot. For your convenience, please avoid purchasing piracy. Any questions, please contact us for professional help!

4. King Will Classic 8mm Black Tungsten Carbide

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  • ✔️TRUSTWORTHY BRAND – Since the establishment of the brand, King Will’ve only been doing three things. Provide high quality products, provide innovative design, provide thoughtful customer service.
  • ✔️CLASSIC DESIGN: 8mm wide black Tungsten Ring matte finish & grooved center and high polished inner-face design
  • ✔️QUALITY AND BEAUTY: Premium Tungsten Carbide makes the ring durable, weighty, anti-scratch and hypoallergenic
  • ✔️IDEAL GIFT: Come with an Exclusive jewelry box of King Will, save giftwrap service fee and help you store the ring much safer and longer.
  • ✔️180-DAY WARRANTY: King Will provides 180-DAY warranty service.Include all manufacturing defects and sizing. The most comprehensive 180-DAY warranty in the industry

5. WIILDIS 200 Amp AC/DC Aluminum TIG Welder wit

51mQUV3MA5L. SL500

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  • TIG&MMA in Aluminum Welder: Portable, capable and versatile. TIG welding make precise and critical welds when joining metals such as aluminum or stainless steel. MMA welding provides smoother welding, deeper penetration and keep arc stability for outdoor work or thicker materials. This stick welder features a 60% duty cycle for quick and easy welds.
  • Digital Control: The aluminum welder uses an advanced IGBT inverter design with automatic overheat and over current welding protection. Aluminum TIG welder can weld up to 1/4″ aluminum and 3/8″ mild steel and is capable of welding 7018, 6013,6011,6010.
  • Energy Efficient: The aluminum welder incorporates 2T/4T modes and HF Arc Start. 4T is useful if you have a long weld to do, as it saves your time. Non-contact arc initiation in TIG welders reduces tungsten and material consumption.
  • Easy to Use: Whether your a novice, or a professional worker, this machine is an all round great welding machine. Both HF start hand torch control and precise foot pedal welding heat control.
  • Multi Use: TIG/MMA Function. 200A AC/DC TIG welder can weld aluminum, stainless/carbon steel, copper and other color metal. Full arc control, pulse, Ac. Anything you could as for in a TIG welder this thing does very well.
  • 24-Month Waranty: Best in category warranty. It comes with 2 year quality warranty.If you have any questions, you can record a video and send it to our store after purchase, and we will handle it for you. If you meet the problems in the process of using the Aluminum TIG Welding Machine, please click the “Your account” –“Orders” –“WIILDIS order –” Get help”Perfect present for Birthday, Christmas, Anniversary, Valentine’s Day, etc.
  • 【TIP】 Turn on the switch and connect the helium gas, so that the machine can work properly.

Best all around tungsten for tig welding Buying guide

Tungsten welding electrodes come in a variety of sizes, types, and grades. The best all around tungsten for TIG welding is 2% thoriated tungsten. This type of tungsten has a high resistance to contamination, is easy to sharpen and provides a strong arc. It is also the most commonly used tungsten for TIG welding and is suitable for all types of welding, including AC and DC currents. When selecting 2% thoriated tungsten, look for electrodes that have a clear and consistent color and texture, with no chips or cracks. The size of the tungsten should be matched to the size of the welding job. Smaller electrodes are better for welding thin material, while larger electrodes are better for thicker material. The length of the tungsten should also be considered. Longer tungstens provide a longer arc and better arc stability, but can be harder to control. Lastly, ensure that the tungsten is compatible with the shielding gas that will be used in the welding process.

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