Triton TSPS450 Oscillating Spindle Sander Review | High-Precision Spindle Sander

Short Overview

Short Overview

Outstanding combination of speed & power. Excellent performer at a cost-effective price with some interesting features. Provides precision in work. Perfect for light to medium sanding jobs


 Editor’s Pros & Cons

  • Ensures powerful performance with a 3.5 amp motor
  • Gives precision in work
  • Easy to setup
  • Has small footprints which take a small space in the worktable
  • Dust covered switch ensures the sander’s safety
  • The motor is not suitable for big projects
  • Inserters are a little bit thin


Woodworkers want their sander to be precise. When a sander gives accuracy in work, it makes the job easier for the users.

Sanding contours, arcs of a wood surface, or sanding a guitar body can be done by using a spindle sander. 

All the users prioritize the sanders which will give them performance & will be able to perform for a long time.

And Triton tsps450 meets These qualities which makes it so special. Let’s look into the detailed features of this sander.


Triton tsps450 Oscillating Spindle Sander Review


Speed & power: Mixture of both make it perfect

Professional woodworkers mostly want those sanders which can give time a good time at work. So, that they don’t have to face any struggle at the work. And, that can only be done by a sander, which is powerful & stable at the same time.

This solidly built sander is made for giving the ultimate performance at work.

 The main part of a sander, which is the motor has a power of 3.5 amp which provides an astonishing finish. It produces high oscillating speed & rotations which does all the work smoothly.

The motor generates a no-load speed of 2000 rpm & Oscillation speed of 58 Opm. With such speed, the sander is capable of doing complex tasks under any pressure load. And, the sanding job will be completed with a satisfactory result.

This power sander has a very small footprint that will take a small pace in the workbench. 



When working with smaller wooden pieces, the sander has to be precise. Also working with large pieces also needs accuracy.

The tsps450 is the perfect one for getting accuracy. It rotates & oscillates at the same time. That combined movement helps to give a burn-free control & keeps the workpiece’s texture, shape & design to be unique & amazing. 

When we are talking about accuracy, one welcoming feature it has that boosts in the process of precision. And that is sanding sleeves. It comes with 6 sanding sleeves. The sanding sleeve has a diameter of (½ – 3) inches. These sanding sleeves help in working with a  variety of wood pieces & give them a variety of shapes.

It also includes 5 rubber drums & 6 inserters to meet the demand of the users. It helps in making the work more precise. Also, 3 upper spindle washer comes with this sander.

The upper & lower movement of the sander prevents the sander from being overheat & also works great with burnt pieces.

The large cast iron table( 14.5 x 11.5 inches) enhances the sander’s stability & reduces the vibration. Also, the iron table has enough space to work with larger pieces of wood.


Dust Collection

This one feature decides many sander’s fate. Because, if the dust collection is not good, then the sander loses its attraction.

The good news is that this sander has a great dust collection system. The sander manages dust in a way that makes the workshop a cleaner place.

The dust port can be connected with the vacuum cleaner of any size. this ensures the cleanliness at the top level. Obviously, you know the importance of cleanliness in the workshop. The dust may contain toxic chemicals which is dangerous for the human body. By that high precision dust collection system, it ensures a safer working environment.

 If the dust port doesn’t match the vacuum’s size, then also there is a solution. This sander also has a dust port adapter. Through this adapter, any size of the vacuum cleaner can be connected to the sander. You don’t have to go through the further hassle.

A dust-covered power switch has also been included in the sander to prevent the dust from going inside the sander.

Easiness in use

This sander is easy to setup & also easy to operate. This mainly helps the beginner with their work. But easiness in use is also preferred by professionals. After all, comfort in work matters the most.

The onboard storage allows keeping all the equipment in a sorted manner. This also enhances the clean look of the workshop.

Value for the money

When a sander has some good features, it is expected to be a little expensive. But, Triton tsps450 has a very reasonable price. If we compare it with its competitors like WEN 6510T & Shop Fox W1831 Oscillating Spindle Sander, we can see that it provides a variety of features in a good price range.

Low noise level

It is expected that a powerful sander can be noisy sometimes. But this one is different from the others. Despite being a powerful machine, it has a noise level of around 80-85 DB. If you are not going to use it for a long time, you don’t even have to wear ear protection. This means the work environment will be quite peaceful with this one.


Final Verdict

As you’ve seen, the sander combines power & speed, still, this one is suitable for medium & light sanding jobs. If you’re going to do heavy-duty sanding, this one may not be suitable for you. 

The variety of features & the reasonable price is a combination that woodworkers dream of. And, this one provides this combination. Also, this stable sander gives any project a better look.

You’ll surely enjoy your work with this sander.




  • Why there is 6 sanding sleeves & 5 rubber drums?


The smallest sanding sleeve doesn’t need any rubber drum. It fits with the metal mandrel without the help of a rubber drum.


  • Can I use tsps450 to sand guitar bodies?

Yes, it is appropriate for doing that. It can sand 3 to 4 inches thick bodies without slowing down. You just have to use appropriate grit for the body you are going to sand.


  • Does tsps450 come with different sanding sleeves grit?

No. It only comes with sanding sleeves of 80 grits. The size of the sleeves is different. Grits are the same. If you want different grits, You have to buy the sleeve separately.

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