Top Quality best masking tape for sandblasting glass

Masking tape for sandblasting glass is an essential tool for any sandblasting job. It helps protect the glass from damage while providing a clean, professional finish. The best masking tape for sandblasting glass is made from high-quality materials, is easy to apply and remove, and provides a strong bond that won’t leave residue. With proper use, it can help extend the life of your glass and maintain a professional look.

With so many masking tape for sandblasting glass brands on the market like APT Advanced Polymer Tape, 3M TALC, GripBlue, TapeManBlue, LE LEMATEC, it can be tough to know which one is right for you. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

1. APT Glass Cloth Electrical Tape, High Tempera

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  • 【Class “H” Electrical Insulation 】-Designed for use in 600-volt dry location applications requiring both high mechanical strength and resistance to high temperatures.
  • 【High Temperature Powder Coating Masking 】- High temperature glass tape removes cleanly at bake temperatures up to 260°C. Clean Removal, No Residue
  • 【Extra Strong Backing】- Glass tape with super strong cloth backing, 7 Mil Total Thickness . Eliminating flaking and breaking during removal process.
  • 【High Adhesion】- The thermosetting adhesive provides an increased bond, once applied in areas of high ambient temperatures
  • 【Corrosion Resistant】-Electrical clothes tape is specially designed and prepared to provide corrosion protection

2. 3M Impact Stripping Tape 500, Green, 2 in x 1

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  • Green, durable backing protects against a variety of blasting media
  • Greater visibility during removal due to green color
  • Thinnest of the portfolio yet provides outstanding conformability
  • Acrylic adhesive provides reliable bond to various surfaces
  • Adhesive helps ensure clean, one-piece removal without residue
  • Easy release paper liner makes for efficient die-cutting
  • Green colored backing and tape thickness create clean and visible cut lines
  • Easy release, paper liner removes with minimal effort, making it an excellent choice for die cutting applications
  • Cuts clean and evenly for ideal alignment for masking lettering
  • Clean, one piece removal that won’t leave behind unwanted residue
  • Acrylic adhesive provides strong adhesion to various surfaces

3. Blue Painters Tape 2 inch Wide, Masking Tape

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  • Clean and Sharp Paint Lines: Our blue painter’s tape prevents paint bleeding and delivers crisp and sharp paint lines. Masking tape features with-to-with adhesive lamination that seals the masked area eliminating any ridges and residue along the paint line upon removal. Exceeds leading brands for paint sealing making it your ideal choice for paint tape for a job that requires sharp, intricate, and seamless paint design.
  • Residue-Free and Surface-Safe – LAB TESTED! GripBlue painters tape 2 inch wide remains gentle to even the most delicate surfaces like wood, drywall, paper and cardboard. Blue paint tape has been lab tested and proven to outperform leading brands for residue-free removal even after a prolonged period of time. Paint tape will not leave any sticky or gooey residue and will not damage the surface upon removal.
  • Strong Adhesion, yet Easy to Manage: Perfect balance is key when it comes to masking tape, and GripBlue has it! With our special formula this blue painters masking tape offers pressure sensitive adhesive that allows you to easily unwind the paint tape from the roll, easily tear off without any tools, and will only stick once you press it down. Sticking firmly to the intended surface offering professional grade results.
  • Indoor and Outdoor Applications: GripBlue painting tape will stick and perform well, even under prolonged exposure to elevated temperature, UV, and moisture. Our blue tape is trusted and used by professionals and contractors across the country. This roll of painters tape is perfect to have around the house or shop for unlimited uses, such as labeling, catching dust, marking, crafts and much more!
  • Multi-Purpose Tape for Any Project: This multi-purpose blue-painters tape will stick to smooth and textured surfaces such as glass, metal, plastic, concrete, drywall, wood, aluminum, trim, textured walls, and polycarbonate. Other uses include floor marking for social distancing or que lines, labeling, crafts, and décor, as well as light duty repairs. Perfect masking tape for painting and other projects!

4. 12″ x 300′ Roll of Paper Transfer Tape for Vi


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  • PREMIUM TRANSFER TAPE: This 12 inch wide x 300 foot long (100 yards) roll of vinyl transfer tape paper is ideal for craft die cutters like Cricut & Silhouette as well as digital printing and sign making applications. It is made with a 4-mil, natural colored paper and is comparable to R-Tape’s 4075RLA. This is a great way for anybody to transfer a graphic to a surface!
  • LAYFLAT ADHESIVE: This vinyl transfer paper will lay flat on a release liner, making the transportation and application of vinyl graphics simple. The ease of installation also means that the final outcome for your decal will be improved! Instead of having peeling edges and tape falling off, the layflat adhesive allows the 12 inch transfer tape to stay stuck to the silicone release liner. Moving, handling, and applying your graphic is made easier with TapeManBlue transfer tape.
  • CLEAN REMOVAL: While the adhesive on this vinyl application tape will keep everything securely in place, it can be removed cleanly and easily: no bubbles, no tears, no marks. This means that not only you do not have to worry about the transfer paper moving or coming up before you want it to, you also do not have to worry about the adhesive leaving frustrating, sticky marks behind. This application tape will help you maintain the quality of your vinyl graphics during the transfer.
  • AMERICAN-MADE: With 100% American-made materials, this medium-high tack transfer tape is made in the U.S.A. for guaranteed quality. While many brands will source their production and materials from other countries to save a quick buck, we are dedicated to going the extra mile in order to provide quality transfer tape for vinyl that we are proud of. Not only does this help stimulate the American economy, it is also more ecofriendly than shipping materials and products in from other countries.
  • EASY TO USE: With a quick, simple, and hassle-free application process, it is easy to use on a variety of vinyls. The adhesive provides the right amount of stick to transfer your graphics without leaving residue, making this transfer tape easy to use for professionals and novices alike. This means that even if you have never used a 12 inch transfer tape roll before, you can quickly figure out how to put it to use and easily apply your decals and graphics.

5. LE LEMATEC Sandblaster, Rust and Paint Remove

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  • Complete Sandblaster Gun Kit: Everything you need for your sandblasting jobs – even the safety glasses. Works with a variety of media materials including aluminum oxide, silica sand and steel.
  • Multi-Purpose Air Compressor Tool: Use as a paint and laser rust remover on metal, wood, even glass. And this LE LEMATEC AS118 also works with soda, making it a great soda blaster for less intensive projects.
  • Powerful Sand Blaster Gun Kit: Working between 90-150 PSI, this air compressor accessory is the sandblasting gun you need. This range gives you the flexibility you need for a variety of materials and intensity.
  • Large Suction Hopper: Get jobs done faster to reduce work time and move on to the next project. The hopper holds enough media material for uninterrupted work flow for most jobs, saving you time and hassle.
  • High Quality Media Blaster: Once you try LE LEMATEC air compressor tools and accessories, you’ll want more. We aim to impress and do a great job of designing and delivering tools that make your work load easier and your shop run efficiently.

Best masking tape for sandblasting glass Buying guide

Masking tape is an essential tool for any sandblasting glass project. It is used to protect the areas of glass that you do not want to sandblast. When choosing the best masking tape for sandblasting glass, there are several factors to consider.

First, consider the type of tape you need. Different tapes are designed for different surfaces and offer different levels of protection. For example, low-tack tapes are designed for use on smooth surfaces, while high-tack tapes are designed for use on rough surfaces.

Second, consider the size and shape of the tape. There are a variety of sizes and shapes available, so you can choose the one that best fits your project.

Third, consider the adhesive strength of the tape. Some tapes are designed to be more resistant to abrasion, while others are designed to be more resistant to temperatures.

Finally, consider the temperature rating of the tape. Some tapes are designed to withstand higher temperatures, while others are designed to withstand lower temperatures.

By considering the type, size, shape, adhesive strength, and temperature rating of the tape, you can choose the best masking tape for your sandblasting glass project.

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