Top Quality best heat gun for plastic welding

The best heat gun for plastic welding is designed to deliver precise and controlled temperatures to heat and melt plastic materials. This is achieved by using adjustable temperature settings, powerful air flow, and special nozzles to concentrate the heat. Using a heat gun for plastic welding will ensure a strong, secure, and professional weld for your projects.

With so many heat gun for plastic welding brands on the market like LEMOTE, Beyondlife, chengyan, Master Appliance, Vendy, it can be tough to know which one is right for you. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

1. 110V 1600W Professional PVC Roofing Welding T

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  • [Specifications]: Voltage: 120 V; Power: 1600 W; Frequency range: 50Hz – 60Hz; Temperature range: 68°F-1300°F / 20°C- 700°C; Air volume: approx. 250l/min; Static pressure: approx. 3000Pa; Noise emission level: 67dB; Protection class: II (double insulation) ; Size: Ø 90mm x 360mm, handle 55mm; Weight: 1.3 kg with power cord per heat gun;
  • [Application]: Repairing tarpaulins and tents Sealing advertising banners; Welding PVC vinyl decking flooring coverings and linoleum; Welding PVC / TPO / EPDM single ply roofing membranes; Welding of technical textiles; Welding pond foil liners; Welding swimming pools.
  • [Kit includes]: 1pcs x Hot air welding gun (120V / 1600W)xa0; 1pcs x Replacement Heating elements with mica tube; 1pcs x 45mm Silicone seam roller; 1pcs x 28mm Silicone seam roller; 1pcs x 6mm Brass penny roller; 1pcs x Seam tester probe, plastic handle; 1pcs x Wire brush, plastic handle; 1pcs x 10″ (250mm) Heavy duty roofing scissors; 1pcs x Roofing shark knife; 1pcs x 10pcs Straight blades; 1pcs x 10pcs Hook blades; 1pcs x 40mm Flat weld nozzle;
  • 1pcs x 20mm Flat weld nozzle; 1pcs x 20mm 60º Angled nozzle; 1pcs x 20mm 90º Angled nozzle; 1pcs x 5mm Round weld nozzle 1pcs x 5mm Round speed weld nozzle; 1pcs x Plastic carrying case.
  • [Warranty]: One year warranty, not include the heat element.

2. Beyondlife 1600W Plastic Welder Welding Tool

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  • This plastic welding gun is sturdy and very durable, less than 3 lbs, very lightweight and compact.
  • The plastic welder heat gun will produce a jet of hot air that softens the parts to be joined, as well as the plastic filler rod, a very professional tool.
  • The temperature and performance of hot air gun are adjustable for both different melting points, giving you the versatility to work with a variety of plastics.
  • This plastic welder heat gun is good for repairing plastic items like truck curtains, planing, swimming pool linings / membranes, water tanks, kayak, vinyl flooring, car bumpers etc. A useful tool for any panel welder.
  • Comes complete in a sturdy box for easy transport and storage. With just one tool and accessories, you can do your welding job easily and efficiently. A must have for all welders.

3. 110V Hot Air Gun Welding Torch 1600W Heat Gun

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  • [Basic information]: 1.Frequency:50/60HZ Voltage: 110V Power: 1600W2. Adjustable temperature: 20-600 degree continuously adjustable. 3. Air flow: MAX 180L/min Air pressure: 2600Pa. 4. Noise <65db Weight: about 3kg.
  • [Package include]: 1pc hot air plastic welder gun 110V, 1pc 40mm silicone pressure roller, 1pc 1600w heat element, 1pc 40mm nozzle.
  • [Application]: Handy, cost effective,reliable for welding all different types for thermoplastic material, for roofing, flooring, tarps, plastic fabrication, etc. Especially good for long time continuous working site. Welding PVC, PE, PP, PA, EPDM, PS, TPO, EVA materials; drying and activating; shrinking plastic caps; welding Plastic Tanks, Plastic Pipe and Plastic Sheets.
  • [Use]: 1. Before using the heater power to the lowest level. 2. Use the knob should be rotated to 1, blowing a few minutes, until the barrel cooled and then shut down. 3. Do not touch the barrel when operating, so as not to burn.
  • [Warranty]: One year warranty(not include the heat element) and contact us if you have any problems!

4. Master Appliance ProHeat Series Plastic Weldi

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  • Get tough work done: The heat gun’s compact, lightweight design enables you to efficiently hot air weld thermoplastics such as rigid and flexible plastics, tarps, liners, covers, tents, inflatables and more
  • Dial-in control: Use the heat gun’s LCD display and innovative magnetic key to seamlessly set, adjust and lock airflow and temperature between 130F-1000F
  • Everything you need: Kit includes the PH-1400 Dial-in Electric Heat Gun, a welding rod assortment, and five tips for specific welding applications that use heat and pressure: speed, pendulum, mirror and tack welding
  • Engineered in the USA: With 1300 watts of power, our heavy-duty heat gun and welding system can meet the challenges of all sorts of environments and applications, including welding flooring materials and plastic bumper repair

5. 1600W Heating Gun Hot Air Gun PVC TPO Plastic

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  • 1.Max Power: 1600W, Voltage: 120V,50/60Hz, Air message: 3000pa, The flow of air: max 240L/MIN, Insulating intensity: 3750V;
  • 2.With electronic heating protection system, temperature adjustable, range: 40-650 degree.
  • 3.Low noise and low vibration to ensure comfortable and high quality work.
  • 4.Strong power 1600w, suitable for heavy duty and professional work.
  • 5.Stainless steel gun barrel reduce the heat lossing and keep working safely.

Best heat gun for plastic welding Buying guide

When looking for the best heat gun for plastic welding, there are several factors to consider. First, look for a gun that has adjustable temperature settings so that you can customize the heat output according to the type of plastic you are welding. Additionally, you will want to make sure that the gun is durable and easy to use. It should also have an ergonomic handle and be lightweight and easy to maneuver. Additionally, you will want to look for a gun that has a long cord so you can easily reach any area you need to weld. Finally, it is important to find a heat gun that has reliable safety features, such as an auto shut off function and a cool down period. With these considerations in mind, you can be sure to find the best heat gun for plastic welding.

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