Top 10 best small jointer planer

A small jointer planer is a great choice for those who are looking to make the most of their limited workshop space. This type of machine is perfect for cutting and planing small pieces of wood, making it an ideal choice for hobbyists, carpenters, and DIYers alike. It is easy to use, and can provide a great finish on your woodworking projects.

With so many small jointer planer brands on the market like Jet, Grizzly Industrial, Shop Fox, it can be tough to know which one is right for you. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

1. JET JJP-8BT, 8-Inch Planer-Jointer Combo, HSS

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Our Rating

  • COMPACT: Combination benchtop jointer and planer provides a 2-in-1 machine to maximize work space.
  • PRECISION: Large aluminum-extruded fence makes joining stable and precise.
  • POWERFUL: Heavy-duty 13-amp motor for various cutting applications.
  • PORTABLE: Integrated cord wrap makes transporting easy and ensures workshop safety.
  • COMFORTABLE: Oversized, ergonomic knobs provide ease of use and maximum control.

2. JET JJP-10BTOS, 10-Inch Planer-Jointer, 2 HSS

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Our Rating

  • Compact Design: Combination benchtop jointer and planer provides a 2-in-1 machine with a space-saving footprint.
  • Simple Mobility: With an integrated cord wrap, and weighing just 74 lbs. (with stand), this compact machine is easy to relocate.
  • Precision Cutting: Planing and joining tables are adjustable with a removable handle and locking knobs.
  • Added Safety: Telescoping blade guard.
  • Ideal Uses: Small shop environments (not commercial grade) and limited space.
  • JET Red Assurance Guarantee: Backed by JET’s industry-leading five-year warranty against manufacturer’s defects.

3. Grizzly Industrial G0958-8″ Combo Planer/Join

Our Rating

  • Motor: 1-1/2 HP, 120V, single-phase, 15A
  • Maximum cut width: 8″
  • Maximum cut depth: 1/16″
  • Minimum workpiece length: 6″
  • Minimum thickness: 1/4″
  • Cutterhead speed: 8500 RPM
  • Cuts per minute: 17,000
  • Planing feed rate: 22 FPM
  • Bevel jointing: 0–45°
  • Overall dimensions: 31″ W x 17-1/2″ D x 18-1/2″ H

4. Shop Fox W1876 6″ Benchtop Jointer with Spira

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Our Rating

  • Motor: 1-1/2 HP, 120V, Single-Phase, 10A
  • Maximum with of cut: 6 in.
  • Maximum depth of cut: 1/8 in.
  • Cutterhead type: spiral-style with 12 inserts
  • Cutterhead speed: 12,000 RPM
  • Table size: 6-1/4 x 30
  • Dust port size: 2-1/2 in.
  • Dimensions: 30 x 17-1/2 x 13-1/2 in
  • Carbide insert size: 14mm x 14mm x 2mm

5. JET JPJ-12BHH, 12-Inch Planer/Jointer, Helica

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Our Rating

  • Rapid Cutting: 42 four-sided carbide insert cutterhead provides a superior finish.
  • Quick Changeover: Fence does not need to be removed when switching from jointing and planing functions.
  • Accuracy and Flatness: Heavy-duty cast iron tables with a ground finish.
  • Increased Stability: Heavy-duty, one-piece steel closed stand includes mounting tabs.
  • Improved Finish: Parallelogram design keeps the table close to the cutterhead and allows for precise depth of cut adjustments.
  • JET Red Assurance Guarantee: Backed by JET’s industry-leading five-year warranty.

Best small jointer planer Buying guide

When shopping for a small jointer planer, there are several factors to consider. First, consider the size and weight of the jointer planer. If portability is important, look for a model that is lightweight and easy to move around.

Next, consider the power of the motor. Small jointer planers often have motors ranging from 1/4 to 1 horsepower. The more powerful the motor, the more efficiently the jointer planer will cut.

Another factor to consider is the cutting depth. Most small jointer planers have a cutting depth of up to 3/4 of an inch. If you need deeper cuts, look for a model with a higher cutting depth.

Finally, consider the features and accessories offered with the jointer planer. Many models come with fences, dust collection bags, and even blades. Look for a model that includes the features and accessories you need.

By taking the time to consider these factors, you can ensure that you purchase the best small jointer planer for your needs.

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