Top 10 best bench grinder for sharpening

The best bench grinder for sharpening is an invaluable tool for any metalworker. It is capable of quickly and precisely sharpening blades, drill bits, chisels and more. With the right model, you can easily keep all of your tools sharp and ready for use. A bench grinder is a great addition to any metalworking shop and can help you get the most out of your tools.

With so many bench grinder for sharpening brands on the market like RIKON Power Tools, Razor Sharp Edgemaking System, Oregon, Tormek, Woodskil, it can be tough to know which one is right for you. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

1. RIKON Professional Power Tools, 80-805, 8â€x9d

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  • HIGH QUALITY – This durable bench grinder includes 1” x8” 60 grit and 120 grit white aluminum oxide wheels.
  • POWERFUL – With powerful ½ HP Motor with 1750 RPM this slow speed grinder has more than enough power for small workshops and for carpenters, turners, carvers, and other crafts people working with hand tools.
  • STURDY AND SAFE – This grinders base is made of Cast Iron and features anti-vibration rubber feet. No mistakes will be made because of vibrations.
  • ADJUSTABLE – The adjustable safety eye shield and spark resistors allow you to feel safe while using the slowspeed grinder. Also, this bench grinder includes a groove in its design for the sharpening of drill bits.
  • KEEP IT COOL – This grinder is fully equipped with a diamond wheel sharpener and is ideal for sharpening operations since it reduces heat build-up.

2. Razor Sharp Edgemaking System 8 Inch Deluxe B

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  • QUICK RESULTS: This system will put a honed and polished razor sharp edge on your knives and tools in just seconds
  • COMPLETE KIT: The Deluxe Kit system comes complete with abrasive and polishing wheels, extra silicon carbide grit, jewelers rouge, conditioning wax, and complete instructions for installation and use
  • SHARPEN ANY BLADE: Circular blades, curved blades, reverse curved blades, serrated blades, straight edges, and wavy blades, broad-heads, chisels, draw knives, gouges, head knives, lathe tools, leather punches, needles, planer blades, scissors, v-tools, and more
  • STANDARD SIZE: This most popular eight inch kit is made to fit ordinary 5 or 6 inch bench grinder or buffer motor. The wheels are most efficient turning over 3000 RPMs. The wheels in a standard 8 inch Deluxe Kit are 8 in by 3/4 in with a 5/8 in arbor hole. The installed bushing converts them to a 1/2 in arbor hole

3. Oregon Professional Compact 120-Volt Bench Gr

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  • Bench or wall mounted Professional grinder: Perfect for semi-professional and home users who regularly saw wood
  • Save time & money: Sharpen your own chainsaw chains. Grinder easily mounts to a bench or wall with two included bolts – ideal for a workshop or garage
  • Universal sharpener: Sharpens up to .404” pitch chain. Sharpen almost saw any chain from manufacturers such as Oregon, Stihl, Husqvarna, and others
  • One-way motor rotation: Provides greater operator safety and comes with a manual chain clamping vice
  • Includes: Grinder, a dressing brick and profile guide, operator instructions plus two grinding wheels (3.2mm & 4.7mm) and a 6.0mm flat profile disc for depth gauge maintenance

4. Tormek T-8 Original – Water Cooled Sharpening

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  • Sharpen all your edge tools.
  • Water cooled sharpening with no risk of overheating the steel and exact replication – sharpen your tools with unbeatable precision.
  • Includes: SG-250 Tormek Original Grindstone, LA-220 Leather Honing Wheel, SE-77 Square Edge Jig, TT-50 Truing Tool, SP-650 Stone Grader, WM-200 AngleMaster, PA-70 Honing Compound, US-105 Universal Support, T8-00 Storage Tray, EM-15 Edge Marker and the Tormek Handbook HB-10.
  • Efficient grindstone with adjustable characteristics equivalent to 220 to 1000 grit.
  • Solid zinc frame and integrated mounts for controllable and accurate sharpening.
  • Powerful industrial AC motor for continuous use.
  • 8 year WTY. (5+3 after online registration).

5. Woodskil 2.8Amp 1/2HP 6-Inch High-Speed Bench

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  • HIGH-SPEED: The bench grinder is equipped with a powerful 2.8-Amp motor, providing 3450RPM high speed for grinding and sharpening
  • VERSATILE GRINDING: 36-grit & 60-grit aluminum oxide wheels for coarse and fine grinding
  • STABLE: Pre-drilled rigid steel base guarantees a wobble-free grinding experience
  • CSA CERTIFIED: Transparent eye shields and spark arrestors protect you all the time
  • WARRANTY: 2-year warranty is provided. Please contact us if you have any questions or advice about our product or service

Best bench grinder for sharpening Buying guide

When purchasing a bench grinder for sharpening, there are a few important factors to consider. Power is one of the most important criteria, as higher wattage provides more torque and speed to the grinding wheel. Look for a bench grinder with a minimum of 1/2 horsepower and an electrical rating of at least 8 amps. The size of the grinding wheel is also important to consider, with larger wheels allowing for faster sharpening. Look for a bench grinder that comes with two grinding wheels, with one wheel having a coarse grit and the other having a fine grit. The construction of the bench grinder is also important, as it should be constructed of durable materials that can withstand heavy use. Finally, look for a bench grinder that comes with adjustable speed settings, allowing you to customize the speed for the job at hand.

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