Top 10 best abrasive for sandblasting metal

Abrasive sandblasting is one of the most effective methods for removing rust, scale and other surface contaminants from metal surfaces. The best abrasives for sandblasting metal are typically hard and durable materials, such as aluminum oxide, steel shot/grit, glass beads, garnet and recycled crushed glass. These abrasives are specially formulated to provide a consistent finish and superior longevity.

With so many abrasive for sandblasting metal brands on the market like Eastwood, PMC Supplies LLC, OEMTOOLS, TITGGI, Interactivia, it can be tough to know which one is right for you. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

1. Eastwood B60 Sand Blasting Cabinet | Steel Sa

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  • LARGE INTERNAL WORKING AREA: The Eastwood B60 blast cabinet has an impressive of 36” width x 24” depth x 23” height making it perfect for blasting jobs big or small whether that is rust removal on car parts, or paint removal. We recommend with this media blaster cabinet using a 60 grit or finer media for optimum performance.
  • NEW IMPROVED V HOPPER DESIGN: Visibility is vital when working with a blast cabinet, with our new V Hopper design along with upgraded Bright LED lighting we have eliminated duning. So whether you’re blasting corrosion or paint from alloy wheels up to 20″, or sandblasting anything else you can be confident of a professional quality.
  • EASTWOOD QUALITY: Eastwood offers solutions which combines our 4,000+ unique products with the know-how to “Do The Job Right”. With an In-house product design, development and testing and a strong track record of high-quality, innovative products. Used and trusted by top builders to beginners and also provides a Lifetime Tech Support.
  • SAFETY INFORMATION: Please read all safety warnings provided in instruction manual and always were proper personal safety equipment. Never use sand for abrasive blasting..
  • WARRANTY: 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Since 1978. We stand behind our solutions and customers. Comes with a 1-year limited warranty and 90-day return.

2. 5 Lbs of 100 Micron Medium Abrasive Glass Bea

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  • Abrasive blasting media is for use in sand-blasting units
  • It provides unique abrasive use for surface treatment of metals, as well as for cleaning and polishing purposes, deburring, sand-blasting, and fine-grit beads that are used for satin and matte finishing
  • The degree of matte to satin finish will ultimately depend on the hardness of the material that is being finished
  • Includes 5 lbs of medium, 100 micron blasting media
  • *Never mix glass beads media with aluminum oxides

3. OEMTOOLS 24815 Bench Top Abrasive Blast Cabin

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  • EFFECTIVE BLASTER CABINET: Our sand blaster cabinet easily removes paint, rust, debris, and oxidation from small parts and workpieces; Sand blast cabinet has a built-in exhaust for smaller blast cleaning jobs; Connects to your present air supply
  • FITS ON BENCH OR CABINET: The bench top sand blasting cabinet conveniently fits on the end of any bench or cabinet; Practical power sand blasters for automobile rebuilders, DIYers, professionals, and many industrial applications
  • REPLACEABLE PARTS: This benchtop sandblaster comes with a replaceable plexi-glass viewing lid; Replaceable air filter keeps all abrasives safely inside the sandblast cabinet; Replaceable ceramic tip in the nozzle provides longer service life
  • STEEL BLASTING CABINET: Our durable sand blasters cabinet features an all-steel construction with a plexi-glass viewing lid; Benchtop blaster includes a low-voltage light, improving visibility during operation
  • PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS: Size: 25 Inches x 20.8 Inches x 20.5 Inches; Work Area: 3.18 Cubic Ft.; Load Capacity: 28.6 Lbs.; Spray Gun; Pair of Rubber Gloves; 12V Fluorescent Tube Work Light; Sealed On/Off Switch; 10 Window Lens Underlays; Air Filter and Vent

4. #80 Grit Aluminum Oxide Blast Media (8 LBS/3.

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  • 【HIGH HARDNESS】Brown fused aluminum oxide is a mineral with a hardness of 9 on the Mohs scale (just below diamond), our aluminum oxide blast media will clean & etch on all types of surfaces including glass, granite, marble, ceramic and steel for fast, effective rust removal.
  • 【LONG-LASTING】Aluminum oxide blast media won’t break down as fast as glass blasting media and has a longer cycle life than most blast media. Lasts 10 times longer than silica and save your money.
  • 【ECO-FRIENDLY】We provide you sand blasting media with strict quality standards, no free silica, 100% recycled of the sand blaster sand for metal, can be used wet or dry.
  • 【PERFECT PACKAGING】We use a high quality white bucket for 8 LBS aluminum oxide blast media, you can easily carry and use it, without worry about damaged and leaked like carton.
  • 【100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE】If you are not satisfied with our aluminum oxide blast media, we will provide you a full refund or free replacement!

5. #80 Grit Aluminum Oxide Blast Media (50 lb/22

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  • Virgin Brown Aluminum Oxide is harder than most blasting medias. Cleans and etches on all types of surfaces including glass.
  • Long lasting, Sharp angular grit, highly efficient and highly reusable. Non-reactant, won’t interfere with your coatings during surface prep.
  • No detectable “crystalline silica”. Lasts 10 times longer than silica.
  • Aggressive, Medium Fine, High Density
  • Made in the USA

Best abrasive for sandblasting metal Buying guide

When shopping for the best abrasive for sandblasting metal, it is important to consider several factors. First, the size of the particles in the abrasive should match the size of the metal being blasted. Coarser particles are best for larger surfaces, while finer particles are best for smaller ones. In addition, the hardness of the abrasive should be considered. Generally, softer abrasives are best for softer metals, while harder abrasives are better for harder metals. Finally, the type of abrasive should be considered. Many abrasives are available in both recycled and virgin materials. Recycled materials are generally less expensive, but their effectiveness can vary. Virgin materials are generally more expensive, but they are more consistent and trustworthy.

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