These are the best gas mix for mig welding stainless steel

MIG welding stainless steel requires a very specific gas mix to ensure a successful weld. The best gas mix for MIG welding stainless steel is an Argon/CO2 blend, usually containing a ratio of 75% Argon and 25% CO2. This mix helps to protect the weld from oxidation and ensures a deep, clean weld. The addition of CO2 also helps to increase weld penetration and speed up the welding process.

With so many gas mix for mig welding stainless steel brands on the market like ARCCAPTAIN, PUNKYOUTH, ANDELI, Varies, Generic, it can be tough to know which one is right for you. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

1. ARCCAPTAIN MIG Welder, 200Amp 6 in 1 Gas MIG/

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  • POWERFUL 6-IN-1 MIG WELDER: The multi-process welding machine that included Gas/Solid Wire MIG(GMAW), Gasless Flux Core MIG(FCAW), Stick/MMA, Spot welding, Lift TIG, spool gun connector optional (tig gun and spool gun not included). Suitable for all kinds of welding requirements .023”/.030”/.035” solid wire, .023”/.030”/.035” flux core wire, .035”/.045” aluminum wire.
  • SYNERGIC MIG: Digital control and automatically match the recommend current and wire feeding speed when selecting the diameter of welding wire and gas material, also you can adjust the welding current according to your welding habit. Easy to work with beginners or professional welders. Cooling fan that runs only when it’s needed so no constant buzzing sounds.
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL WELDER: The MIG welder features some special functions that included adaptive crater, burn-back adjustment and pre-flow/post-flow, which improve your welding efficiency. 2T/4T 2 welding way meets your needs. Store 10 preset settings: can set 10 groups of parameter data for each welding mode, it’s more convenient to start the next welding job.
  • REVOLUTIONARY LARGE LED DISPLAY: Exclusive human-computer Interaction LED screen design, provides you with accurate data display and makes you read easier and more clear without taking off your helmet. Easy to carry with a handle or shoulder strap(included), perfect for outdoor maintenance, farm, road equipment, and home DIY.
  • WARM SERVICE & 2-YEAR WARRANTY: 30-Day Money Back Guarantee and 2-Year Warranty. Every single of our welder machines passed various authoritative Laboratory tests in simulating extremely harsh environments before leaving our ARCCAPTAIN factory that conforms to the high standards. We take care of our customer’s safety based on VRD, over current/over voltage/over current/over-load/overheating protection function.

2. PUNKYOUTH 14PCS Ear Gauges Tunnels Plugs Stai

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  • Gauge:2g(6mm),0g(8mm),00g(10mm),1/2″(12mm),9/16″(14mm),5/8″(16mm),3/4″(19mm),7/8″(22mm),1″(25mm),Please choose a suitable size before placing an order.
  • Material: The design is made from stainless steel, stainless steel jewelry is friendly to those who may have metal allergies.
  • 3-Level Quality Control: Hand Polishing; One by One Checking; Individual Package, Fast and Excellent After-sellers Service.
  • Package:Shipped with good gift box. It is a best gift for graceful lady ,attractive man man or treat for yourself.
  • Guarantee:100% New Condition & Good Quality&100 Days guarantee return & refund if you are unsatisfied.We just hope you have a good shopping experience in our store.


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  • 【Function】Aluminum MIG, CUT, MIG(CO2/MIX/FLUX) , TIG(HF), COLD, PULSE, MMA.
  • 【Cold】It is suitable for welding thin stainless steel, thin steel, carbon steel, and other materials. The welding temperature is relatively low, and it will not deform or change color after welding, and it has a high aesthetics. PS: need pure argon gas.
  • 【Can MIG Welding Aluminum】Upgrade MIG welding aluminum function,suitable for welding aluminum.This welding machine is suitable for ordinary thin steel, iron, stainless steel,low-carbon steel, mold repair and etc.
  • 【Delivery Package】 MCT-520DPL Pro with US plug, Ground clamp, Alu.welding torch 3M*1, MIG torch*1, CUT torch PT-31*1, TIG torch WP-9F*1, gas pipe 3m, Air pressure regulator, hose clamp*2, tungsten electrode*10, tip*10, electrode*10, nozzle*20, stainless steel wire, Flux wire*1, nozzle shield*4,Ceramics nozzle*10, MMA holder*1.
  • 【★Safety】CE certification, Efficient customer service team, if you encounter problems when receiving the goods, you can contact us for free guidance. We will provide returns and exchanges within 30 days after receiving the goods, and provide a two-year warranty and free replacement parts.

4. New 80 cu ft Steel Inert Gas Cylinder with CG

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  • New, high-quality 80 cu ft steel inert gas cylinder with CGA580 valve – Helium, Nitrogen, Argon, CO2/Nitrogen Mix
  • Thick walled steel tank, with the durability to stand up to any work site
  • 7″ diameter, 31″ high with valve – approximate
  • All cylinder ship empty. Please consult your local compressed gas supplier for filling needs.
  • Includes steel cap.

5. 125 cu/ft 75% Argon 25% CO2 Welding Gas Cylin

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  • All HP cylinders come with a 10 year hydrotest date stamped.
  • All HP cylinders are within 2 years of stamped date.
  • Meets DOT and/or ISO regulations.
  • DOT number is stamped on the tank.
  • Shipping only available to Continental US (Lower 48 States).

Best gas mix for mig welding stainless steel Buying guide

MIG welding stainless steel requires a higher quality gas mix than mild steel. The ideal gas mix for MIG welding stainless steel is a blend of 90-98% Argon, 2-10% CO2, and sometimes a small amount of oxygen. This mix allows for a higher level of shielding gas and a better welding arc. Argon is an inert gas that provides the necessary shielding action, while the CO2 provides the cleaning action and the arc stability. Additionally, the oxygen can be added to increase the penetration of the weld and to increase the strength of the finished weld. Keep in mind that a higher concentration of CO2 often leads to porosity in the weld, so it is important to maintain the correct ratio of gases to get the best results. When shopping for the best gas mix, look for a mix that is specifically designed for MIG welding stainless steel. This will ensure that you get the best results and that you are getting the correct ratio of gases for your particular application.

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