These are the best angle grinder blade for cutting tile

An angle grinder blade is a must-have tool for any DIYer or professional. It is an incredibly versatile tool that can be used for cutting, grinding, and polishing a variety of materials, including tile. When it comes to cutting tile, the right angle grinder blade is essential in ensuring a clean, precise, and efficient cut. The best angle grinder blade for cutting tile will depend on the particular tile material and thickness, as well as the desired finish.

With so many angle grinder blade for cutting tile brands on the market like Tanzfrosch, EZARC, GoYonder, QWERF, Gunpla, it can be tough to know which one is right for you. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

1. Tanzfrosch 4.5 inch Diamond Saw Blade 4.5″ Cu

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  • ★FIT SIZE: Outer Diameter: 115mm (4.5 inch). Thickness: 1.2mm. Suitable for most tile saws and hand-held angle grinders with a 7/8″ Arbor.
  • ★HIGH PERFORMANCE: Tanzfrosch tile cutter blade outer edge is plenty strong, X teeth offer fast and smooth cutting. Thicker center to avoid vibrations and wobbling. High-Performance diamond matrix provides long life and enhanced material removal.
  • ★COMPATIBLE MODELS: It can be used on different types of angle grinders and tile cutters for Wet and Dry cutting.
  • ★WIDE APPLICATIONS: Tanzfrosch tile cutter blade is designed for cutting porcelain, ceramic tile, granite, sandstone quartz, marble, brick, slate, cement backer board . It will be a perfect partner for tile installers and general homemade DIYers.
  • ★BUY WITH CONFIDENCE: If any of our products fail to meet your expectations, please get in touch with us and we will try our best to resolve the issue.

2. EZARC 4-1/2 inch Super Thin Diamond Blade, Di

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  • 【Super Thin Design】EZARC Super Thin diamond saw blades are specialized cutting discs designed to deliver precise and clean cuts in a variety of tile materials, such as ceramic, porcelain. It will be a perfect partner for tile installers and general homemade DIYers.
  • 【Clean & Precise Cuts】The X-teeth turbo mesh rim and diamond-embedded cutting edge ensures clean and precise cuts with minimal chipping, making them ideal for intricate and detailed tile work or projects where aesthetics and precision are crucial.
  • 【Reduced Cutting Force】Super thin design requires less force during cutting, preventing tile breakage and reducing wear on the cutting tool. These diamond cutting discs are suitable for both dry and wet cutting but wet cutting can significantly increase life of the blade.
  • 【Compatibility】EZARC 4-1/2 inch diamond cutting wheel is suitable for most tile saws, hand-held angle grinders and wet saws with a 7/8″ Arbor (includes a adaptor for 5/8″ arbor). Disc Size: 4.5 Inch; Segment Height: 10mm; Segment Thickness:1.2mm; Maximum: 12,000 RPM.
  • 【Reliable Safety】These 4.5 inch super thin diamond blades for angle grinders are manufactured with high-strength alloy steel and premium diamond matrix, ensuring spark-free cutting without burn marks on hard materials.

3. GoYonder 4.5 Inch Super Thin Diamond Saw Blad

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  • Universal for dry or wet cutting
  • X teeth offer fast and smooth cutting
  • Super thin porcelain saw blade with free chips for cutting,Match with hand-held machine
  • Available for cutting porcelain,ceramic tile,granite, sandstone quartz ect. Cpsia Warning
  • Warm Prompt: For your personal protection, before you start working we recommend that you wear safety glasses, dust aspirators, welding gloves, safety shoes, and other appropriate equipment.(Take good care of your eyes/ears/face/hands/body/etc)

4. QWERF Cutting Disc, 4inch Ultra Thin Diamond

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  • 【Advanced Materials】Using diamond high manganese steel matrix, new brazing process, upgraded and improved blade, more convenient, safer, and longer service life.
  • 【 Easy To Use】Designed for use with the Model 100 angle grinder, it is easy to install and use and can withstand the demands of dry/wet cutting and long continuous cuts.
  • 【Chip free Cutting】1mm ultra-thin saw blade does not damage the surface of the object, the grinding force is uniform, and the smoothness is good. With low grinding noise and less dust, minimal debris, and a top-notch cut!
  • 【 Fast Precise Cuts】The diamond cutting blade is high-temperature resistant for reduced vibration and straighter, faster cuts. It is sharp and does not collapse, one piece is multi-purpose, the slit is small, and it is resistant to cutting and wear.
  • 【Scope of Application】For smooth cutting, chamfering, and grinding of glass, jade, crystal, wine bottles, ceramics, ceramic tiles, and other materials.

5. Gunpla 3 Pieces 4-1/2 inch Diamond Cutting Bl

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  • QUALITY MATERIAL: Gunpla diamond cutting blades are manufactured with high quality and durable heat-treated manganese steel and diamond. This angle grinding set has 3 of the most used cutting saws to make sure you are always ready for any project.
  • 3 PIECES SET: The includes 1 continuous rim for smooth cutting of marble, granite, tile & ceramics, 1 segmented rim for fast cutting for masonry, concrete, pavers, terrazzo, roof tile and 1 turbo rim diamond cutting saw blade.
  • CONVENIENT CUTTING: Fashioned to provide exceptional and efficient cutting performance, Gunpla diamond grinding saw blades ensure quick and precise cuts with clean and perfect results.
  • PERFECTLY HONED: Our cutting diamond blades perfectly sharpened to ease use and can be used several times before any new honing. They have a thinner kerf that favors increases the cutting speed and minimize dust.
  • IDEAL FEATURES: Diameter: 115mm (4.5inch); Arbor size: 7/8 inch(22.2mm) with reduce ring 5/8 inch(16mm); Max RPM 13200; Speed max. 80m/s and can used dry or wet. Balanced plate reduces vibration for improved accuracy and better finish.

Best angle grinder blade for cutting tile Buying guide

When looking for the best angle grinder blade for cutting tile, there are a few factors to consider. First, consider the material of the blade. The most common materials are diamond, carbide and steel. Diamond blades are typically the most expensive but are the most durable and can cut through most tiles. Carbide blades are less expensive and are better suited for cutting softer materials. Steel blades are the least expensive but have the shortest lifespan.

Next, consider the size of the blade. The blade should fit the size of the grinder that you are using and should match the size of the tile that you plan on cutting.

Finally, consider the type of tile you are cutting. Different blades are designed to handle different materials. Make sure to select a blade that is specifically designed to cut the material of your tile.

Overall, when selecting the best angle grinder blade for cutting tile, make sure to consider the material, size and type of tile you are cutting. This will ensure that you select a blade that is best suited for your needs.

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