TACKLIFE PSS02A Sheet Sander Review

TACKLIFE PSS02A Sheet Sander

TACKLIFE PSS02A Sheet Sander

High speed, great power with some other exciting features make this sheet sander an excellent performer. Perfect for small & medium sanding jobs. A great one to choose on a small budget.


Getting a sander at an affordable price that also gives a terrific performance is what every woodworker wishes for. What matters the most is, the result we get from it.

The Tacklife prss02a sheet sander gives exactly what a user wants from a sander. Great performance at a small budget.

This sander is great for sanding corners, smoothing surfaces. It is a reliable, durable & well-made product. This one offers all the features that a normal woodworking project needs. Especially, the homeowners & beginners prefer it the most.

Let’s look into the details of this sander, what it has to offer you & for whom it is suitable.


Tacklife PSS02A Sheet Sander Review

Great power 

The advanced high-speed 2.5 amp motor makes this sander a great performer. The speed & power that it provides is suitable for any type of sanding projects. The variable speed feature lets the user adjust the speed according to their will. The adjustability of the speed makes it easy for the user who needs to adjust speed on their everyday work.

The speed range of this sander is between 6000 OPM to 12000 OPM. The speed can be adjusted in 6 stages. Even with average speed, the sander is quite able to catch all the dust which prevents the sandpaper from being clogged & ensures smooth performance.


Dust collection

The advanced dust collection system makes the sander more durable. The sander has 14 dust holes which makes the sander more effective in the dust collection system. The micro-filter dust collection system catches all the small particles from spreading in the room.


 The built-in container is with filter is a great feature added to this sander. The container firmly sticks to the sander. You won’t face any problems when working.  It perfectly works for small sanding projects. You don’t have to use an external dust bag. But for large projects, the dust container may not be adequate. So you have to attach a shop vac to the sander for an effective result.


Ease to use

When a tool is easy to use, you don’t have to put much effort to operate it. The job becomes much easier. This sander also provides easiness in operating. So when you are working with small wood pieces, you will get more precise results. An easy operating system is a must-have feature for beginners & homeowners. Professionals also like their sander to be simple.



The aluminum base plate makes the sander more stable as compared to other plastic base plates. It also makes the sander more solid. The low vibration helps in giving high precision sanding.  The bottom plate is based on a hook & loop system. So, the changing process of the sandpaper becomes really easy.

The large base also occupies a large area while sanding. So, the sanding process becomes quicker. 

The problem with other rounded sander is, those can’t sand corners properly. But the tacklife pss02a sander is perfect for sanding corners. The square base helps to sand corners accurately. Let’s take prso1a random orbit sander for example. We can see that pss02a gives a big advantage here comparing to other sanders. 



This one comes with 10 pieces of sandpaper to make the sander enable for a variety of uses. It includes 5 pieces of 80 grits sandpaper & 5 pieces of 120 grits. These are standard to use on normal projects. So you don’t have to spend extra cost on buying sandpaper.

You can also use it as a polisher by attaching a polishing cloth to it. This one also has the option of using various types of sanding sheets. So, you have the opportunity to use it in different types of jobs.


  • Advanced high-speed motor
  • Microfilter dust collection system
  • Affordable price
  • Aluminum base plate for durability
  • Replacement of the sanding pad is expensive
  • Regular sandpaper will be difficult to use as the pad supports hook & loop sandpaper


Final Verdict
This sander is made for every type of user. The affordable price & some amazing features make the sander a great one to buy. A large coverage area boosts the sanding process & saves a lot of time. Also, easiness in use makes your work hassle-free & smooth. This one will add value to your project. Basically, you are getting a good quality product at a good price.

The Tacklife pss02a sheet sander is a great tool for especially homeowners & beginners. We highly recommend this one.




  • How does the dust collection system work in pss02a?

There are holes in the sandpaper through which the dust passes. And, there is a dust container at the bottom of the sander which conserves the dust.


  • Is the dust container easy to clean?

Yes, it is really easy to clean the container. You just have to detach the container. Remove the dust & reattach it.


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