Sanding Hardwood Floors With A Belt Sander

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Floor sanding can be done by using various sanding machines Or also can be done by using hand. A belt sander is one of those sanders which will flatten the floor & make it perfectly smooth. When you are sanding small areas, you can use any rotary sander or hand sander. But if the area is large, then it will be difficult to sand it with a hand sander. That’s when a belt sander becomes necessary.

When you want to redesign or remodel your house, you may need to sand the floor also. The floor is one of the essential parts of your house that needs to be refinished when you are planning to redesign the house.

When you sand & refinish your floor. It looks almost like a newly finished floor. Hence, gives an excellent look to your room.

In this article, you will get a proper guideline about sanding a floor with a belt sander & make your floor ready to be refinished.


How to sand hardwood floors with a belt sander?

AS floor sanders are heavy & aggressive tools, You have to every careful using them. Otherwise, You can damage the floor permanently. You don’t need to worry if you are a beginner. Our guidelines will definitely help you with your work. Just be confident & do your job according to the steps mentioned below


 1. Cover important things in the room

The first thing you need to do is, Remove all the mattresses, curtains from the floor. Remove all the furnitures from the room. Sanding means you will work with a ton of dust. So, you have to be sure about the safety ness of the delicate items in your room.   Cover Electrical items, like a fan, Ac with plastic sheets.

There are many incidents of electrical gadgets being damaged by sanding dust. Make sure the room is well ventilated. So that the dust remains only in the room you are going to sand & doesn’t spread in the other rooms.

 2.Preapare the equipment

Before going into the sanding process, You have to prepare the equipment first. When you pre-plan your work, the job becomes really easy. So, consider the things you will use in your job & prepare them to start your process.

3.Clean the floor

When we use mattresses, the floor remains covered up for a long time. Hence, the floor might need to be cleaned up before you start the sanding process. So, now your job is to clean the floor. Therefore, making sure there is no interruption in the work process.

4.Choose the right grit

Basically,  using the belt sander in the right way & choosing the right sander belt does the tricks & give you the finish you want. A lot of people get confused about choosing the right grit for the floor. As there are no fixed grits to start with. Depending on the surface, The number of grits changes.

5. Make the necessary changes

Switching the grits in between the project is necessary. Do what your job demands. Bring changes in the sandpaper if you want. If the floor is rough, then you have to use rough paper. 60 grit is good to start for a rough surface. It will remove the upper rough materials. Then keep switching the grits to the finer grits. Use 80 & 120 grits respectively to finish the job.

6.Start sanding

Now before you do any kind of mistake, you also have to be careful while Putting the sander on the ground. Don’t just turn on the sander & put it on the floor. Tilt a little bit so that it doesn’t make a gouge on the floor. Start sanding a smaller area, then gradually go for the larger area. Keep sanding the floor with slight pressure. Finish when you think that the floor is smooth enough.

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A belt sander is for heavy uses. Perfect for rough surfaces. You will get the exact finish you want using a belt sander. But you have to be careful because this one requires a little bit of experience to be operated properly. A little mistake can make gouge marks on the floor. If you are new & don’t have any experience with floor sanding, then you are recommended to be sure about your plans & do the job properly.



  • Can I rent a belt sander?

If you are not a professional woodworker who needs to use a sander quite often, you can go for renting sanders for a home project. You can rent belt sanders from the nearby woodworking shop. It will save you cost & also will get your job done.

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