Orion Motor Tech 850W Drywall Sander Review

Short Overview

Orion Motor Tech 850W Electric Power Drywall Sander

This one has all those features you should consider before buying. Outstanding performance, Adjustability, Variable speed, Led light This one has a lot to offer for you. A complete package in a cost-effective budget. Investing in this one is really going to worth it.


Editor’s Pros & Cons

  • Variable speed control
  • Powerful motor
  • Comes with necessary accessories
  • Adjustability
  • Rotatable pivot
  • Two way led light
  • Little heavy: Holding it for a long time can be difficult



In drywall sanding, a good & powerful sander is needed which will make your wall smooth &  well prepared for painting. A drywall sander should have some qualities like power, durability & performance in order to be able to get the job done easily.

Orion tech motor drywall sander is a sander that provides all of these qualities. All the variety of features in one sander is something you should look out for. 

When you want to buy a drywall sander, you need to look for some specific features in it. Power, speed, dust extraction are some common ones that matter the most. So, Let’s look into Orion motor tech if it is the one you are looking for.


Orion Motor Tech 850w Drywall Sander review

This drywall sander offers some excellent features at a good price. Here are some features that make it unique & better than its competitors


The power of a machine matters a lot in work, especially in a sanding job where you are going to work on rough surfaces. 

This power sander has a 7.7 amp motor, which ensures a powerful performance. Sanding rough patches or bumps can be done easily. The powerful motor helps It delivering fast & smooth performance. 850 w power capacity makes it a beast in sanding. This quality wall sander provides exactly what you want from a drywall sander.


Fully Adjustable

The hose length can be adjusted from 57.1” to 82” giving you to adjust the length depending on the situation. Sanding high places can be done easily through this. No need to take a ladder for sanding the ceiling.

The pivot can be rotated upto 90 degrees, using this feature getting the job done is a lot easier now. The flexible pivot gives also flexibility in the job. 

The 5 step variable control system allows adjusting the speed anytime you want. Also, it will give you a precise sanding. The speed can be adjusted from 800 to 1900 rpm.


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Dust Collection

Efficient dust collection is something every user wants in their sander. No one wants to deal with dust even after using a sanding machine. It should remove all the dust by itself. Sanding drywall means dealing with a lot of dust & dirt particles.

The attached vacuum is pretty decent in terms of dust collection. It catches all the dust & dirt particles, & makes the cleaning job more efficient. Here you have nothing to do much, just keep sanding & the vacuum will do its job.

Simplified  Operation

The sanding job gets easier when a sander has a simple operating process. Beginners always prefer sanders having a simple operation. The sander is easy to install. Changing sandpaper is also a simple task.

This sander gives easiness in sanding, therefore making the job fun & simple. The surface matching technology smoothens everything that comes to its path. Let it be rough, bumped, or ragged surface it automatically matches its shape to smooth them. The soft sponge makes it able to adjust its size according to surface condition.

Lights The Way

One interesting feature it has is, it features 2 built-in led light strips which light the way it sands. When working in a dark room, or working after sunset, you don’t need to search for torchlight or lanterns. 

All in One

The great thing about this sander is, it comes with a full package. The removable brush can be used to remove those extra dust that couldn’t be removed by vacuum. Means more precise cleaning of your room. It also comes with 12 hook & loop sanding discs having different grits. You can use them for various sanding jobs. No matter how the surface is, you have sanding discs to smooth it. So no more worries about proper sanding. 

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This quality wall sander provides a wide range of features. The variety of features make the Orion motor tech drywall sander one of the top models in the market. You’re getting a complete package with this one. Your money will not go in vain for sure. It’s a great value for money. It is highly recommended for home users as well as professional users. Hope our Orion motor tech 850w drywall sander review will help you to make a firm decision before buying.


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