Ingersoll Rand 315 Straight Line Sander Review

Short Overview

Short Overview

In this sander, you are getting all the basic features a sander is supposed to have. Like Variable speed, rapid sanding, durability. You are eventually getting a top-notch performer at a good price.


Editor’s Pros & Cons

  • Solidly build with durable metal
  • Quiet machine
  • Outstanding performance
  • Variable speed
  • Quick action sandpaper clamp
  • Extreme vibration can cause trouble in holding for a long time.
  • Does not come with the user manual: instructions are not clear.


Straightline sander does wonder when it comes to shaping flat surfaces. They are also widely popular for bodywork just like da sanders. No matter how the surface is or what type of surface, it works perfectly in all of them. 

Their straight-line sanding is quite unique as we are familiar with a circular motion. It slides back & forwards inline with a vibrating motion which eventually makes a surface smooth by removing all the materials in its path.

Ingersoll is a well-known brand popular for its quality products. Ingersoll rand 315 is one of Ingersoll’s top straight line sander.

If you are going to buy a straight line sander for the first time, you may get confused on what basis you should choose which one is best for you. 

So, here we have given a detailed review of Ingersoll rand 315 straight line sander to make you clear if it is really suitable for you.


Ingersoll Rand 315 Straightline Sander Review



When a sander provides variation in terms of features, it becomes a favorite tool for the users. And Ingersoll is exactly that kind of sander. It has a variety of features, that’s why it is one of the top straight line sanders in the market.

This one has a variable speed, which means adjusting the speed is in your hand. Adjust the speed as per situation demands & get the exact result you want.


Well designed & Comfort

Automatic stop trigger release is an attractive feature for first-timers. It makes the sander safer. Beginners need a machine that is easy to control & safe for them which this one provides.

This one is nicely designed. The dual handle allows an easy grip & provides firm control on the sander. The back handle is to grab the sander & the front one is to guide the way. The dual handle makes it easy to use.


Quick Action Clamp

Working on a big project demands to change the sandpaper several times. If the sander has an easy sandpaper changing facility, it becomes a time saver for the users. 

This one has quick action sandpaper clamps, which means changing sandpaper can be done in seconds. Quick action paper can be removed by using spring on both sides. The sandpaper size needs to be 17.5” to match the size of the sanding pad.



Durability is a topmost priority in any machine. When the sander is durable, we can expect long-lasting performance from it.

This sander is solidly built as it is made out of durable metal. So you don’t have to worry about its lifetime

Keep it oiled regularly. Using a little oil when using will increase its durability. You are recommended to use two drops of oil every morning. Believe me, it makes a great positive effect on sander’s performance.


Fast sanding

Nobody wants a sander that takes a large amount of their time. The rapid sanding process makes a sander more preferable to its users. Ingersoll rand 315 excels in this category. They provide a faster sanding process with an accurate result.

 This one needs a pressure of nearly 90 psi just like any other air sander to perform properly. Which can be counted in CFM as 8-9 CFM. Air compressors powered 5 hp to 7 hp will do the job quite easily.

Another welcoming feature of this one is, high & low points can be seen while sanding. So you can know what you are doing & get better control over your job. 


Smooth performance

The dual piston mechanism enables the sander to perform under pressure load. Be it Shaping the flat surface or smoothing the body filler, It runs smoothly on the surface. It ensures an excellent outcome. Ingersoll Rand works great even after using it for hours.

Some users complained about it’s getting hot after some time. Yes, it gets a little hot after using it for a long time. But the heat is not that much. Take a break after working for a few minutes, if you are up for a large project. Small projects do not require this.

This sander is the perfect machine for bodywork as it works great on metal bodies. Metalworks require a smooth performer. And this sander works flawlessly in this case.


For Whom This Sander is Suitable?

This one is suitable for both beginners & professionals. The easy operation gives the advantage to beginners. Powerful performance makes it suitable for all types of users. 

For those who like better control on their sander, a sander that gives them a top-notch & long-lasting performance, this one can not be missed. 


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