How To Use a Da Sander

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If you are an auto body repairman or a professional woodworker then da sander is an irreplaceable tool of your job. Not only da sander gives a top-notch performance, but also it does the sanding perfectly.

DA sander is known for its flexibility as it can be used in woodworking, as well as on autobody works.

The dual-action movement, which moves back & forth on a circular pattern gives a smooth finish to any of your projects. Especially, it is most preferred in autobody projects. It gives a super fine finish to the autobody.

No doubt, DA sander is excellent in its job. But to get the proper result, first, you have to know how to operate it properly.

So here we have given a detailed explanation on how to use a da sander. You’ll also get some expert tips for better understanding.

Types of DA Sander

Before we start using the sander, let’s talk about the types of it. There are two types of DA sander available. 

  1. Electric DA Sander 

Random orbital sander, Palm sanders are a few examples of electric-powered DA Sanders. These are mostly used in woodworking jobs like paint removal, finishing, etc. But also can be used on metal surfaces. 

  1. Air-powered DA Sander

Air-powered or pneumatic sanders are most suitable for autobody works. They are mostly used in car sanding, to remove scratch marks & prepare it for painting. They are a bit complex to handle. As these are mostly used on autobody, they need to be handled more carefully. Air sanders are more versatile compared to electric ones.

Tips for operating a DA Sander Properly

Here are some expert tips & tricks for using a da sander. Following this will make you able to use the sander like a pro.

  • Keep the sander flat on the surface, never tilt the sander while sanding. Sanding in angle can make gouge marks on the vehicle’s body.
  • Apply a light pressure
  • Change sandpaper grit several times & be extra careful in choosing the right grit.
  • Turn on the sander keeping it on the surface to prevent it from being damaged.
  • After finishing, check if there any marks left on the surface.
  • Use proper air hose when using an air sander.

How to Use a DA Sander

Step 1: Prepare the equipment

First, get all the equipment ready. Here are the things that are going to be needed

  • DA Sander 
  • Sandpaper/sanding sponge
  • sanding disc
  • cleaning cloth
  • goggles
  • basic dust musk

Now, it’s time to start your work. Follow the below steps 

Step 2: Prepare yourself

It’s a good idea to take proper preparation before you start. It will save you some time & also save you from trouble at work. Preparing yourself means taking safety measures, cleaning the surface, getting all the equipment collected & planning the work.

 As you have finished planning the work, now it’s time to implement it.

Step 3: Select the Right Sandpaper

The result of your work mostly depends on choosing the right sandpaper. You may get confused with all the different grits that Sanding discs can have. Many beginners make mistakes in this step that completely ruins their project. So be careful while choosing the disc.

Different surfaces require different grits to be started with. Normally grits sanding disc vary from 40-600.

If you are going to use it on a rough wood surface, then we will recommend you to start from 60. & then go for the finer grits (up to 320)

 If you are going to use it on an auto body to prepare it for painting, Then start with 80 grits. Keep changing the grits up to 400.

Note: You can also learn the process of using an Orbital Sander. The process is almost the same. Check out for a detailed description.

Step 4: Turn on the Sander

As you have done every possible thing to give your project an excellent result, now its time to start sanding. Turn on the sander & put it on the surface. Move the sander along the wood grain to get rid of the swirl marks. Don’t push the sander downward, let its speed do the work. Do your job Patiently & steadily. Look for the scratches that the sander leaves & sand it again. 

Step 5:Finish it off

Now when the sanding is done, clean all the dust that your sander has created. Use a wiping cloth to clean the surface. Empty the attached dust bag. Clean the room using a vacuum cleaner. 


DA sanders are versatile tools as they combine the pattern of orbital & random orbital sanders. You can expect accuracy & precision from it. This sander will never disappoint you.



  • What does DA Sander stand for?

DA means Dual Action. As the sander combines two modes, it is called DA Sander. The mode of the sander can be switched between an orbital & rotary mode. By locking the spindle to the sanding pad it works as an orbital sander & by using the bearing it has in the sanding pad, it works like a random orbital sander.

  • What is a DA sander used for?

DA sander has a variety of uses. It can be used on autobody for finishing, repairing, or feathering. It can also be used on metal or wood surfaces.

  • Can you use a DA sander on wood?

DA Sanders can be used on wood. They are designed to use on different surfaces & give an equal quality finish on every surface.

  • Can you use a DA sander for polishing?

DA sanders are the most suitable machine to use on car polishing. You just have to attach a polishing pad to the sander. Their variable speed control & random movement pattern make them perfect for this job.

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