How to Use a Drum Sander on Hardwood Floors? Step By Step Guide!

When your floor gets discolored or there are grooves and pits on the floor, then floor sanding becomes necessary. There are various types of power sanders available for that. Drum Sander is one of them. Although the drum sander hasn’t got much appreciation, it’s mostly because of the complex operating process.

There are also different types of drum sanders. Different types have their unique usage. In this article, we are going to talk about floor drum sanders & how to use drum sander on hardwood floors.

What is Drum Sander?

Drum Sanders are giant abrasive covered sanders that are normally used for sanding & refinishing floors or deck. It flattens the floor & makes your floor looks clean.

These sanders spin at very high speed & gives a smooth finish to the floors. It removes the upper layers of the floor and

Is it hard to use a Drum Sander?

Users find Drum sanders quite difficult to use. The heavyweight, complex operation makes it a bit hard to handle. But with a little practice, you also can master using a drum sander. You also can go for other sanders like a belt sander or random orbital floor sander. A belt sander is not recommended if you are new to floor sanding.


How to use a Drum sander?

As mentioned above, drum sanders are comparatively difficult to use, they need some practice & skillset to be properly used. If you are completely new to sanding, then make sure if you can do it without damaging your floor.

Step 1: Preparation

Prepare your stage before you start sanding. Means gather all the equipment. Clean the floor.

These Sanders are very noisy, & will create a lot of dust. So following the safety measures is a must. Also, your room should have enough ventilation system as sanding is quite a messy job.


Step 2:Choose the sandpaper

Don’t just start with any grit. Decide what grit you are going to use depending on the state of your floor. Normally start from 40 grits, then use 60 & go up to 80 while finishing.

Step 3:Put on the sandpaper

Some sanders have screws on the sanding pad. So you have to back out the screws to release the bar clamp. Then put the sandpaper on the sanding pad by making sure it is well secured.

Step 4:Start Sanding

Now start the sander. Gently land the sander on the floor. Now when you move forward, after moving to the endpoint lower the drum. Release the lever. After reaching to the start point lift the drum. Keep repeating this.

Step 5: Finish 

When the floor seems smooth enough tp you, it’s time to finish the job. Recheck the floor for any kind of disruption or marks. Disconnect the sander plug. Clean the floor again.

Where to Rent a Drum Sander?

If you are a home user who sometimes needs a drum sander to sand the floor, then renting the sander is the best option for you. It doesn’t make any sense to buy such a highly-priced machine for random uses. You can rent it from your nearby woodworking shop.


Things to consider before renting

Make sure the sander you are renting is well maintained & is in a good condition. You surely don’t want to face problems with the sander while working.

 Also, consider the transportation that is going to be needed from the shop to your home. Also if you want to sand the second story of your home, then further help will be needed to lift it up as this sander is quite heavy.

Ask the rental store to provide appropriate sandpapers with the sander. If you don’t know much about sandpaper, ask the professionals what grits you are going to be needed.



Although the drum sander is not the favorite tool among the users. But if used properly, it will get your job done quickly & perfectly. So, if you are new to sanding, you can hire a professional woodworker to get your job done. But if you follow the steps properly, you also can use the drum sander properly.



Should I use a random orbital floor sander or a drum sander?

A random orbital floor sander will be better for your hardwood floors. Drum Sander is good, but a floor sander will provide a much smoother surface.

How long does it take to drum sand a floor?

Normally, a room is 100 square/ft.  will take nearly 3-4 hours to be sanded with a belt sander & edger. The time will vary depending upon your skill & your sander’s condition.

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