Ginour Random Orbital Sander Review

Short Overview

Our Top Pick

This high-performance device comes equipped with loads of features designed specifically for professionals who demand versatility, power and performance from their tools but want it without sacrificing safety; something you’ll rarely find. A sander worth buying for a reasonable price. Recommended for DIY’ers & home users.


  • Powerful
  • 6 different adjustable Speed
  • Comfortable to use
  • Comes with standard equipment


  • Dust collection is not up to the mark for big projects


A random orbital sander is probably the most used machine in woodworking jobs. It does a wonderful job in smoothing surfaces, polishing wood or paint removal. Choosing which one to use for your particular project can be daunting as every model has its own benefits and drawbacks so there’s no ‘perfect’ tool out there that suits all purposes. But today we are going to look at one of Ginour’s top sander. We are going to look at its features in detail & make you sure if it’s the best one for you.

Ginour Random Orbital Sander Review

Solid Built

This sander is solidly built. Solid built means longer durability. It is made for the long run. It won’t disappoint you in terms of durability.


With a 2.5 amp(300 W)  motor, it generates enough power to sand a surface smoothly. You’ll be amazed at how powerful this sander can be despite being small in size. It is powerful enough to do medium-duty sanding jobs. Its motor generates a speed of 1200 OPM. With this speed, it can do pretty much any kind of sanding job.

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6 Different Speeds

Variable speed control is a common feature found in the random orbital sander. It also holds significant importance because the speed adjusting feature gives you the flexibility to change the speed as you want.

This one has 6 different speeds. So you are getting a lot of choices to make which can be really amazing for sanding jobs.

Standard Equipment

With a sander, we also have to buy other equipment for our job. Means extra money is needed to be spent.

Good thing is, you don’t have to buy other necessary things separately with this one. You are getting everything along with it. It includes 15 sandpaper, 1 sponge disc, dust collector, 1 wool disc. A total package you can say! The sandpaper Grits are 5 80 grits, 5 120 grits 5 180 grits. 

Dust collection

How efficient the dust collection is? A frequently asked question while buying a sander. Nothing to worry about this sander’s performance in dust collection. 

It comes with a dust collector that is pretty much able to suck up all the dust. It does not pill out any dust. The microfilter system absorbs all the small dust particles & provides a clean work environment. 

Dust collection is good for small projects. But I found the dust collection pretty much average when working on big projects. The collector is not that big enough for containing a large amount of dust.

The dust container removal system is really easy. Easy to remove & easy to attach. Which makes the cleaning more efficient. 

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Despite being a powerful sander & having such a high speed, this one is surprisingly quiet. Loud sanders cause trouble in long projects as the sound gets unbearable after a long time. You won’t face this problem with it. A quiet environment with a quiet sander.


Comfort in work somewhat becomes most important in any type of job. Especially in the case of power tools, if a machine is not comfortable to handle, it gets rejected by the users.

The design of Ginour makes it a comfortable one to use. The compact body is really easy to grab. Also, the sander is very lightweight. 

As a result, it becomes easier to handle & you get better control over the sander. Which eventually affects your final result in a positive way.

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Two enlarged vents 

The sander is designed nicely not to get overheat when sanding on big projects. It has two enlarged vents through which heat is passed. It saves the sander from being burnt. Which provides a longer lifetime.

Easy to Install

The easy installing process makes a sander suitable for beginners. Even if you don’t have the experience of using a sander, you can handle it quite properly. Sandpaper & dust box is really easy to install.


Final Thought

Overall it can be called a decent performer. Not something extraordinary. But pretty much able to do every type of small sanding job. Perfect choice for home users.

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