Craftsman CMEW231 Random Orbital Sander Review

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Short Overview

Short Overview

Low profile design, smooth performance & other basic features make this sander a perfect one for small & medium sanding jobs. Overall, a good performer at a reasonable price.


Editor’s Pros & Cons 

  • Lightweight: This 3.5 pounds weighted sander is easy to carry.
  • Affordable price: Compared to its competitor, the price is very affordable & reasonable
  • Great dust collection: It works great in dust collection with added features
  • Durable: The power-sealed switch adds more durability.
  • User-friendly design
  • No variable speed control: you have to work with only one speed. For normal sanding jobs, you don’t need variable speed control
  • The size of the port is not accurate to be connected with a shop vac. You may have to use tape to connect it.



A random orbit sander is a must-have tool for woodworkers. The finish it gives to the project is just outstanding. It leaves a smooth finish to the surface. This tool can be used in almost all small to medium-sized projects in a workshop.

There are different brands of random orbit sander that provide excellent quality products, Craftsman is one of them. They have got some good performers in their collection. And their products have also got positive reviews from the users.

Now, We are going to look at Craftsman CMEW231 in detail to let you know if this one is suitable for you.


Craftsman CMEW231 random orbit sander review

This 5-inch electric powered sander weighs around 3.5 pounds which is very lightweight. So, when you are working with it, you can easily move it & you’ll have better control of your work.


This sander features a 3 amp motor which is very good for a random orbit sander. These are ideal for working on medium-duty sanding & it does its job accurately in medium-sized projects. If you are planning to do small & medium sanding projects like table sanding, then this sander holds enough power to do that. But if you are going to sand a floor or something like that then it is not suitable for that kind of rough work.

 The sander has a speed of 12000 OPM. With this speed, it can do jobs like paint removal, surface preparation, surface smoothing, or varnishing quite easily.

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Low profile design

This one is simply designed. Which makes it easy to operate. Anyone can operate it without having any prior experience. This feature is especially a welcoming feature for beginners. The design is also added for more safety & fewer vibrations while working.

Detachable dust bag

It features a detachable dust bag. And the dust bag does a pretty decent job in collecting the dust. But, if you want more cleanliness in your room, you can attach a shop vac to collect the dust. You can attach the vacuum with the 1 1/4 inch vac hose.

Another great feature of this sander is it comes with a sealed power button on top, which prevents dust from entering into the sander. This feature makes the sander more durable.


It comes with a 5-inch sanding disc. And it is perfect to start your sanding with. You can attach any 5-inch sandpaper having any frits as you want. The sandpaper changing process is very simple. You just detach the previous one & attach the new one. Nothing more you have to do.

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  • Is cmew231 sander loud?

Like any other random orbital sander, it also creates a little noise. If you are doing small projects then this sound will not cause any kind of irritation. You can use it without using earplugs.

  • Can I use cmew231 on metal?

Yes, it can be used on a metal surface. It will do a great job. But the normal grits won’t work on the metal surface. Also, you have to be careful while working with a metal surface.

  • What size of adapter do you need to hook up a shop vac?

The sander says that it accepts an adapter having a size of 1 ¼”, but it is not suitable according to many users. You can use 1 ¾” adapters.

  • Can I use craftsman cmew231 for car polishing?

As you know, it doesn’t have variable speed control, it is not suitable to use for polishing. You can go for the sanders having variable speed control.

Final Verdict

As we talked above, this sander is great value for money. It will do an excellent job on medium projects. Very user-friendly which can be used by anyone. So, give it a try & enjoy woodworking.

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