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Our Top Pick

DEWALT Rotary Sander

If you want a top-notch sander for bondo body fillers, DEWALT Rotary Sander is there for you. With having some amazing features, this sander will surely provide a smooth sanding result.


Bondo is a common type of filler used by body shops to repair and replace damaged body parts. It is quite sticky and tends to require a lot of sanding.

When it comes to putting Bondo on your car, pickup truck, or motorcycle, you need to get the right Bondo sander. But which one? There are hundreds of options in the market, and the right choice can mean the difference between a smooth paint finish and a peeling mess.

So in this article, we will talk about sanders that can smoothen out the bondo body filler on the body. We will review the best sander for bondo to help you choose the right one.

Best Sander for Bondo Review

1. DEWALT Rotary Sander

DEWALT Rotary Sander

If you want an efficient tool that will help you sand bondo body filler faster without sacrificing quality and don’t want something heavy or bulky – just something lightweight and easy to use so you can focus on what matters most – finishing your project in time!

This DEWALT Rotary Sander orbital hand sander is the perfect solution for all of your sanding needs.

The DEWALT Rotary orbital sander is the perfect tool to get your sanding done quickly and efficiently.

It’s great for high-volume jobs like stripping paint, removing rust, or smoothing rough surfaces.

With its 6 amp motor and variable speed trigger dial, you can choose from 0 – 3,700 OPM to find the best setting for any job.

And with a lightweight design that’s easy on your arm muscles, it won’t slow you down when you need to work fast!

This electric sander has an adjustable dust shroud that can be connected to a vacuum cleaner so that you can have a better working environment.

It also features a mid-handle design with a soft grip and side handle which provides increased balance and relieves user fatigue.

Accepts 5-inch 8-hole hook and loop paper allowing for readily available paper to be changed quickly and easily.

Things I liked

  • The 6 amp motor is powerful to speed up your sanding process
  • The variable speed trigger dial allows the user to adjust for a wide array of sanding applications
  • Mid handle design with soft grip and side handle provides increased balance and reduces fatigue
  • Accepts 5 inches 8 hole hook and loop paper, allowing you to easily change paper quickly


2. Makita BO5041 Random Orbit Sander

Makita BO5041 Random Orbit Sander

Makita’s BO5041 5-Inch Random Orbit Sander with variable speed is another excellent sander for bondo sanding.

It has an innovative adjustable front handle that makes it easier than ever to control your workpiece, and its powerful motor can quickly remove material from any surface.

The sander also features a dust bag that collects all of the debris created by sanding so you don’t have to worry about breathing in harmful particles or getting them all over your clothes.

The BO5041 features a Makita-built 3 AMP motor with oversized sealed ball bearing construction for longer tool life, variable speed control dial (4,000 – 12,000 OPM) allows the user to match the sanding speed to the material

And a large two-finger trigger switch with a conveniently located lock-on button for continuous use and increased operator comfort.

The large 1/8-inch random orbit action delivers fast and smooth sanding and a swirl-free finish.

The best part about the sander is that it’s double insulated. This means that it will keep your hands cool and dry while you work, which can help prevent fatigue.

It also has an oversized sealed-ball bearing construction for longer tool life.

It also has an efficient dust collection system and pad brake, which maximizes productivity.

It also comes with a high-capacity dust collection system with a built-in vacuum port adapter for improved dust collection. This means less mess in your workspace!

And with quick-change 5″ (8-hole) hook-and-loop abrasive paper, you can quickly switch out paper when needed without having to stop working or take off the sanding pad cover plate.

Oversized sealed ball bearing construction ensures longer tool life and double insulated means more power and less heat transfer from the motor into your hand while using it!

Things I liked

  • You’ll be able to sand your project faster without worrying about swirls.
  • You won’t have to worry about dust in the air, and you’ll have a cleaner work environment.
  • The pad control system will make it easier for beginners to use the sander.
  • The high-capacity dust collection system ensures you’re not breathing in any sawdust, and the vacuum port adapter makes it easier to collect dust.


3. CRAFTSMAN V20 Random Orbit Sander

CRAFTSMAN V20 Random Orbit Sander

The V20 is the most powerful and versatile cordless system on the market. It’s perfect for any job, from sanding bondo body filler to scraping to finishing.

And with its onboard dust collection, you can work in your garage without having to worry about it getting dirty. You won’t find another tool like this anywhere else!

With 12,000 OPM of power and an ergonomic design that feels good in your hand, it will make short work of any project you have coming up.

It has a 5-inch pad so you can get into tight spaces or use one side as a scraper when needed. You won’t be disappointed with this tool!

The V20 is designed to be lightweight and low profile, with added control and vibration reduction.

The dust-sealed switch provides durability, while the included accessories allow you to customize your project.

It’s compatible with VERSATRACK Wall Organization System so you can organize all of your tools in one place!

It includes (1) dust bag, (1) 60 grit paper; (1) 80 grit paper; and (1) 120 grit paper.

It also comes with a clip that attaches to any belt loop or tool belt for easy carrying on the job site.

And it’s compatible with most other brands of sanding discs too and also you can find them separately in the market!

Things I liked

  • The V20 system is the most powerful cordless.
  • Low profile and lightweight for added control and vibration reduction.
  • Dust sealed switch provides durability.
  • It’s compatible with the Versatrack Wall Organization System.
  • Clip and Accessories are sold separately.

Best sander for bondo

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