What Will be the best oscillating spindle and belt sander

With so many oscillating spindle and belt sander brands on the market like WEN, Triton, Jet, it can be tough to know which one is right for you. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

1. WEN 6524 Oscillating Belt and Spindle Sander

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Our Rating

rating 8.6
  • Features 1/2 inch, 3/4 inch, 1 inch, 1-1/2 inch and 2 inch sanding drum sizes and one 4 x 24 inch belt
  • Operate with belt speeds up to 1575 FPM and spindle speeds up to 2000 RPM
  • The 3.5-amp motor oscillates the belt and spindle 58 times per minute with a 5/8-inch stroke
  • Onboard storage maintains organization of all accessories and sandpapers
  • Includes a beveling work table, five throat plates, four rubber sanding drums, one belt sanding attachment and six pieces of 80-grit sandpaper (one for each size spindle/belt)

2. Triton TSPST450 450W /3.5 Amp Oscillating Spi

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Our Rating

rating 8.3
  • Large cast aluminum table with 0-45 degree tilting front section for flatness, accuracy and strength
  • Rotating and vertically oscillating sanding action for the perfect balance between work rate and control
  • 5 x sanding sleeves (1/2″ – 2″ dia) and matching drums provide maximum versatility with intricate, shaped workpieces
  • All metal belt sander unit with easy belt change provides maximum workrate with straigh and shaped workpieces
  • On-board storage slots keeps accessories with the tool for rapid mode changing and convenience
  • Vented throat plates and under table dust channel for optimised dust and chippings extraction prociding a cleaner and safer working environment

3. JET JBOS-5 Benchtop Oscillating Spindle Sande

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Our Rating

rating 8.4
  • Consistent Performance: Main spindle support runs on precision ball bearings and is oscillated by a heavy-duty worm and gear mechanism
  • Long Machine Life: Oscillation gears run in a sealed lubricated box to prolong their life and durability
  • Convenient Storage: Built-in storage racks keep spindles and table inserts nearby
  • Accommodates Beveling: 14-1/2″ x 14-1/2″ cast iron table tilts up to 45°
  • Added Safety: Removable on/off safety switch prevents accidental start-up

4. WEN 6510T 3.5 Amp Oscillating Spindle Sander,

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Our Rating

rating 9.6
  • Powerful 1/2 HP 3.5 amp motor provides 58 OPM and 2000 RPM
  • Features onboard storage for all accessories along with a dust collection port for hooking in a dust extractor
  • Attach the dust collector of your choice to the onboard dust port to minimize clean-up

5. Triton TSPS450 3.5Amp Cast Iron Top Oscillati

Our Rating

rating 9.2
  • Ideal for sanding contours, arcs, curves & other irregular shapes
  • Rotating & oscillating action for increased speed, efficiency and a precision finish
  • Powerful 3.5A (450W) motor No Load Speed – 2000 RPM Oscillation Speed – 58 OPM
  • Includes 6 sanding sleeves with matching rubber drums & table inserts
  • On-board storage for all accessories. Sleeve Range – 1/2 – 3 inches

Best oscillating spindle and belt sander Buying guide

When shopping for an oscillating spindle and belt sander, it is important to consider the following factors: size, power, speed, dust collection, and accessories.

Size: The size of the sander should be appropriate for the type of work you plan to do. If you plan to work on large pieces of wood, you’ll need a larger sander. If you plan to work on smaller pieces of wood, a smaller sander will do.

Power: The power of the sander is important, as you want it to be able to handle the type of work you plan to do. Look for a sander with a high wattage motor that can handle the job.

Speed: The speed of the sander is important as it will determine how quickly you can get the job done. Look for a sander with multiple speed settings so that you can adjust the speed to the type of work you need to do.

Dust Collection: Look for a sander with a dust collection system so that you can keep your work area clean.

Accessories: Look for a sander with a variety of accessories, such as sanding drums and discs, so that you can get the job done quickly and efficiently.

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